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Embark on a peaceful journey through picturesque with our Dalat Countryside Tour full day by private Car. We’ll guide you through the exciting places to visit and experiences to have during the tour.

Dalat Countryside Tours by Car
A beautiful corner of Dalat city seen from above

Explore pristine villages, lush Coffee plantations, fascinating Cricket farms and the intricate art of Silk weaving… Along the way, you’ll encounter the awe-inspiring majesty of the highlands , when visiting two of the most majestic waterfalls in the region.

Dalat Countryside Tour
Enjoy the peaceful mountain scenery in rural Dalat

I. Attractions of Dalat Countryside Tour

The program starts at your hotel at 08:00 A.M where the driver and tour guide will pick you up to start the journey.

Here are the top attractions that you’ll visit during the Dalat Countryside Tour:

1. Van Thanh Flower Villages

Visit Van Thanh Flower Village, located about 3 km west of the city, and admire the variety of flowers grown by local farmers. With over 200 hectares of land, the village produces Roses, Carnations, Gerberas, and Lilies in greenhouses.

Dalat Flower Farm
Dalat is known as the city of flowers

2. Coffee Plantation

Dalat is known for its Coffee plantations, and you’ll get to see them during the tour. Take beautiful pictures and recognize many different kinds of coffee in Vietnam with the help of your guide.

explore the best of dalats countryside tour private car 736
Dalat Coffee farm

3. Weasel Coffee

One of the most unique experiences in Dalat is trying Weasel Coffee. Visit a farm where you can see the real animal that produces the most expensive poop in the world. You can also enjoy the magnificent view from the coffee shop and buy local products such as clothes and souvenirs.

explore the best of dalats countryside tour private car 736 1
Why this is the most expensive coffee in the world?

4. Cricket Farm

Visit the family of a young man who breeds Crickets for poverty elimination. Try some yummy fried Crickets with Chili sauce and experience something new.

Cricket Farm in the Dalat Countryside Tour
Why should we eat insects in the future?

5. Pepper Farm

A Pepper farm is a fascinating place to visit, where visitors can witness the process of growing and harvesting this popular spice. Pepper is a climbing vine that requires a warm and humid climate to thrive, and is commonly grown in tropical regions.
Here, visitors can see the pepper plants growing on trellises, with long green vines stretching up towards the sun. Farmers use various methods to cultivate the plants, including pruning, fertilizing, and pest control.
explore the best of dalats countryside tour private car 736 2
This used to be the most expensive spice in the world

6. Rice Wine Making House

See how the local farmer makes Rice Wine in a traditional way and taste a little bit of it. Learn about the best way of recycling farming products.

explore the best of dalats countryside tour private car 736 3
Beer is too expensive, what about rice wine?

7. K’ho Minority village

Currently, the K’ho in Dalat is one of the tribes that have still strongly reserved matriarchy. This is the most interesting feature to attract tourists to discover the traditional cultural identity of this original people.

explore the best of dalats countryside tour private car 736 4
The children here are very gentle and hospitable

8. Traditional Silk Factory

Visit a Silkworm rearing and Silk weaving factory and witness the stirring Silkworms waiting to offer threads. You’ll learn about the entire process of a Silkworm spinning and enclosing themselves into a Cocoon, and unraveling filament from Cocoon.

Dalat Countryside Tours
Traditional Silk factory

9. Elephant Waterfall

The most powerful waterfall in Dalat is Elephant Waterfall, where you can trek from the top to the bottom of the falls and take some amazing photos. Discover the windy cave and take a refreshing natural shower at the foot of the waterfall.

Dalat Countryside Tour Elephant Waterfall
Elephant Waterfall

10. Linh An Pagoda

The modern architecture in harmony with the nature, impressive with the two flanking dragons leading to the shrine & the giant statue of Happy Buddha and Tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam in a peaceful greenery covered garden.

explore the best of dalats countryside tour private car 736 5
Tallest Buddha statue in Vietnam

11. Pongour Waterfall

Pongour waterfall Dalat, also known as the 7-level waterfall, is a magnificent attraction. With stunning cascades and lush surroundings, it offers a serene and picturesque setting that captivates visitors from all around the world.

explore the best of dalats countryside tour private car 736 6
Pongour Waterfall

12. Dalat Mushroom Farm

Dalat known for its cool climate and lush landscapes, is a haven for Mushroom cultivation. The fertile soil and optimal weather conditions create an ideal environment for various mushroom species. From the prized Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms to the delicate Enoki and medicinal Lingzhi mushrooms, Dalat’s mushroom farms boast a diverse range.

Dalat Mushroom
Grow Mushrooms in a different way

Visitors can explore these farms, witnessing the meticulous cultivation processes and gaining insights into the local mushroom industry. The vibrant colors and unique shapes of the mushrooms, coupled with the serene Dalat backdrop, make it a fascinating experience for nature and agriculture enthusiasts alike.

II. Information Dalat Countryside Tour

✓ Pick-up & Drop-off: your hotel or anywhere in the city (pick-up from airport: extra USD20).

– Depart time: 08:00am | End time: ~04:00pm

– Inclusion: all entrance fees, car with driver, English speaking tour guide, bottle of water.

– No Inclusion: Lunch, personal expenses.

III. Price Tour

For your private group:













Child Policy:

  • Kid under 1 metre tall will be free of charge (2 adults will have maximum free 1 kid)
  • Children over 1.2 metre tall will be charge as per adult.

If you don’t like going by car, you can choose: easy rider Dalat motorbike countryside tour.

Why Should You Choose Us?

5 reviews for Explore the Best of Dalat Countryside Tour (Private Car)

  1. Ghazal – Germany

    The tour was one of the best parts of our trip to Vietnam. Our tour guide Huan was so knowledgeable, told us great stories about Vietnamese culture and history as well as religion and gave us so many useful hints. We visited a variety of places from agricultural sites to beautiful waterfalls as well as breathtaking landmarks which all got so much more interesting with Huan’s explanations.

  2. Johana – Germany

    This tour was definitely a highlight of our trip to Vietnam. Everything was so well organized and our guide Hoan was so knowledgeable and friendly. The whole day was packed with interesting activities and insights and it was so nice to leave the busy town for once and get to know many different aspects of Vietnamese culture. We are very happy and thankful we got to experience this and would absolutely recommend it to everyone spending time in the region.

  3. Yan Chan Sin – Singapore

    Me and my husband had a great time in Da Lat for our honeymoon thanks to Hoàn. Hoàn is very warm and friendly, we felt comfortable with him in no time at all. It was a last minute impromptu booking, we booked the night before, yet he could accommodate to us. Even though the elephant waterfall was closed for renovations, he didn’t skip the waterfall itinerary and proceeded to Pongour Waterfall. He covered all the tourist spots like the flower farm, Mei Linh coffee, cricket farm, wine distillery, silkworm factory, chicken village, mushroom farm, pagoda temple and and a really nice place to eat authentic Vietnamese cuisine too. Vietnam has a rich history and Hoàn patiently told us stories along the way in the car ride. On top of that, when the tour is over, he was helpful enough to recommend us to some good affordable restaurants and bars near our hotels when we asked for dining options in coming days. All in all, we had an amazing experience.

  4. René

    We booked spontaneously! Our guide Hoan Phan and our driver Leo from Vietnam Two Wheels picked us up for the tour at 8am and it was such a great day with so many great moments and impressions from this region around Dalat! Wow – best choice ever! We had so many questions that both answered tirelessly. Hoan explained a lot to us about the historical developments so that many things were easier to understand. The landscape is a dream and so interesting. The different insights into farm life, into the different branches of this rich region, whether flowers, coffee, silk or rice wine. The waterfalls and the paradise lake! 😍👌 Thanks for that! We are excited.

  5. Whytock

    This trip is beautiful. The waterfalls and countryside are best experienced on a motorbike. It’s thrilling! I had a wonderful day with my tour guide, Baron Chau. He is super friendly and very knowledgeable. He will give you a lot of information about the history and people of the surrounding area and of Vietnam in general. I highly recommend him as a guide. He has a very warm and friendly vibe.
    I booked a tour the next day with him because he made the trip better.

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