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Motorbike tour fromDalat to Mui Ne one day offers an unforgettable that takes you on a thrilling adventure through the beautiful countryside of Vietnam.

Tour From Dalat to Mui Ne one day
Visit ethnic minority villages on the way

With experienced and knowledgeable riders, you can sit back and enjoy the ride, while discovering the culture, customs, and natural wonders of the country. In this article, we will take a closer look at the one-day tour that takes you on a journey from Flower farms to Waterfalls and traditional Fishing villages.

Clich here: 2 days from Dalat to Mui Neif you want a longer experience.

This tour also runs in reverse for your convenience.

I. Map of Dalat to Mui Ne One Day

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II. Start a new journey from Dalat to Mui Ne one day

Your day begins with a pick-up from your hotel or hostel at 8.00 AM. The tour guides will take care of your luggage and ensure that you have your protective gear on before hitting the road. Once you are ready, you can hop on the motorbike and begin your adventure.

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Let’s smile and start

III. Discover the Van Thanh Flower Farm and Chicken Village

Your first stop will be the Van Thanh flower farm, where you can admire the beautiful scenery and the many flowers grown there. Next, you will visit the ‘Chicken Village’, where the K’ho tribe lives. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about their culture and customs and get a glimpse of how they live.

Discover Grenn House on the way Dalat to Mui Ne one day
A scene of the countryside on the outskirts of Dalat

IV. Explore the Silk Factory and Coffee Plantation

At the silk factory, you can see how silk is spun from the cocoon of the silkworm. Then, you will visit a coffee plantation where you can taste the special ‘Weasel Coffee’ and enjoy a cup of Weasel Mocha while looking out over the many coffee plantations in the valley of the Ta Nung mountain.

Visit a traditional silk factory on the tour Dalat to Mui Ne one day
Traditional Silk factory

V. Admire the Beauty of the Elephant Waterfall and Linh An Pagoda

The next stop on your tour will be the Elephant waterfall, where you can climb over a narrow path to one of the caves behind the waterfall, and listen to the sounds of the elements coming together. You will also visit the Linh An pagoda and walk through the garden for the huge smiling Buddha.

Elephant in the Waterfall
Elephant Waterfall

VI. Enjoy a Local Dish for Lunch

During lunchtime, your guide can help you choose a local dish that you will love. With so many delicious options to choose from, you are sure to find something that satisfies your taste buds.

Enjoy delicious local dishes
Enjoy delicious local dishes

VII. Discover the Pongour Waterfall and Traditional Fishing Villages

Pongour Waterfall
Pongour Waterfall

After lunch, you will visit the Pongour waterfall, which has no less than seven stories. If you visit during the dry season, you can take a refreshing dip here. Then, you will drive through the mountains to Mui Ne, where you will see Rice fields, water Buffalos, and a Mushroom farm. You will also visit the Sand Dunes and stop at one of the traditional fishing villages on the coast.

VIII. End Dalat to Mui Ne one day tour

At the end of the afternoon, your tour will come to an end, and your guide will drop you off at your hotel or hostel in Mui Ne. This one-day tour is a great way to experience the beauty of Vietnam, and with Easy Rider Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you are sure to have an unforgettable adventure.

Sand Dunes in Mui Ne
Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

IX. Conclusion

Vietnam is a beautiful country with rich culture and customs, and a motorbike tour is a great way to explore it. With Dalat to Mui Ne one day Tour, you can experience the best of Vietnam in a fun and exciting way.

The one-day tour from flower farms to waterfalls and traditional fishing villages is an excellent option for those who want to experience the country’s natural wonders and culture.

So, book your tour today and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

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