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Easy Rider Dalat Countryside Loop Day Tour

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Immerse yourself in an exciting adventure and explore little-known roads, enjoying the wonderful natural beauty with Easy Rider Dalat professional and experienced motorbike riders.

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Experience the feeling of free adventure on two wheels

This tour provides the perfect opportunity to witness the region’s natural splendor and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Join Vietnamtwowheels.com to explore hidden corners, experience unique culture and create unforgettable memories on this journey. Prepare yourself for an exciting and memorable trip with Easy Rider Dalat!

Dalat Tours Vietnam
You will have the most fun and satisfying trip with us

I. What is an Easy Rider Dalat Tour?

An Easy Rider Dalat Tour is a unique and attractive motorbike tour service. The term “Easy Rider” originates from groups of experienced motorbike riders who work as guides, providing motorbike tour and surrounding areas.

Best Easy Rider Tour Vietnam - Mekong to Dalat
This is called Easy Rider Tours

These Easy Riders are people with extensive knowledge of the landscape and cultural heritage of the area.

They guide tourists on motorbike journeys, leading them through little-known routes, picturesque landscapes and important cultural sites, providing an authentic Dalat countryside tour.

II. One-Day Easy Rider Dalat Countryside Tour

The one day withDalat Easy Rideris the perfect way to explore Dalat countryside tour if you have limited time.

Here are the top attractions that you’ll visit during the tour:

1. Tuyen Lam Paradise Lake

Is a large and beautiful lake, located between green fields and mountains. You can walk around the lake, admire the beautiful scenery and enjoy the fresh air.

Tuyen Lam Lake
Tuyen Lam Lake is beautiful and poetic

2. Mushroom farm

You will experience growing and caring for Mushrooms at a special farm. You can learn about the process of growing and harvesting Mushrooms, as well as enjoy some delicious dishes made with fresh Mushrooms. Then, you will visit the Pepper farm to learn more about the Pepper growing process and how to harvest.

Dalat Mushroom
Grow Mushrooms in a different way

3. Pongour Waterfall

Considered one of the most stunning landscapes in the area. You will be fascinated by the wild beauty of this high and powerful waterfall. Stop to take a photo and immerse yourself in the feeling of being one with nature.

Easy Rider Dalat - Pongour Waterfall
The highlight – Pongour Waterfall

4. K’Ho Village

Small but beautiful, with traditional wooden houses. You will have the opportunity to communicate with local residents and learn about the life and culture of the K’Ho people.

The children here are very gentle and hospitable

5. Elephant Waterfall

During your Dalat motorbike tour, you cannot miss this waterfall. This is a beautiful and impressive Elephant waterfall, with wild and cool beauty. You can see and enjoy the natural space here.

Dalat Countryside Tour Elephant Waterfall
Elephant Waterfall and many stories about this special name

6. Linh An Pagoda

A temple on this journey that Vietnam Two Wheels will send to you, the pagoda is not only beautiful but also sacred, with giant-sized stone Buddha statues. This is a sacred and peaceful place for you to stop and pray.

Linh An Pagoda with the tallest Lady Buddha statue in Vietnam

7. Silk factory

You will have the opportunity to visit a silk factory and learn about the traditional handmade silk production process of the people here. You can browse beautiful silk products and even buy silk items as souvenirs.

Visit a traditional silk factory on the tour Dalat to Mui Ne one day
Traditional Silk factory

8. Cricket Farm

A unique and interesting destination on this tour. You will learn about raising and caring for crickets, as well as how to use them in local cuisine. Don’t forget to enjoy some delicious cricket dishes.

Easy Dalat Tours Vietnam
Try eating it if you can

9. Coffee farm and Weasel coffee

Accompanying Easy Rider Dalat this time you will visit a coffee farm to learn about the process of growing and making coffee. You also have the opportunity to enjoy the unique flavor of Dalat coffee and try a cup of premium Weasel coffee.

explore the best of dalats countryside tour private car 736 1
The most expensive cafe in the world – Weasel Coffee

10. Rice Wine Distillery

You will visit a sticky rice wine distillery and learn about the traditional sticky wine production process of local people. Let’s discover together the secret to creating the special flavor of this wine.

11. Flower farm

At the end of the Dalat countryside tour, you will come to a flower farm where there are thousands of fresh and fragrant flowers. Immerse yourself in a space of color and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Dalat Flower Farm
Dalat is known as the city of flowers

With this tour, you will have the opportunity to explore beautiful and special spots in Dalat countryside tour. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience and learn about the unique life and culture of the local people.

If you are a family with Baby, you can choose this Dalat Countryside Tour by private Car.

III. Map of Easy Rider Dalat One Day

IV. Information Tour

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17 reviews for Easy Rider Dalat Countryside Loop Day Tour

  1. Kevin – Netherlands

    It was great ! Can not believe how less reviews this tour have. The 2 guys we did te tour with, were so friendly and kind. They really take the time to explain things. The ride was great! The view amazing, the stops were enough and also enough time to walk around and make pictures! I really recommend this tour. A good mix of everything.

  2. Susanne

    Unsere Tour hat uns zunächst ins Chicken Village geführt, wo wir uns über spannend erzählten Legenden, Informationen über die Geschichte Vietnams und die Lebensrealitäten der 54 ethnischen Gruppen freuen durften. Das Englisch unserer beiden Guides Dat und Hung war immer sehr gut verständlich.

    Bei der Besichtigung der Wasserfälle wurde immer genügend Zeit zum Erkunden und für einen kleinen Spazieren gelassen.

    Wir haben uns sehr sicher auf den Motorrädern von Dat und Hung gefühlt und würden die Tour jedem ans Herz legen, der Da Lat kennenlernen möchte!

  3. Susannw

    Unsere Tour hat uns zunächst ins Chicken Village geführt, wo wir uns über spannend erzählten Legenden, Informationen über die Geschichte Vietnams und die Lebensrealitäten der 54 ethnischen Gruppen freuen durften. Das Englisch unserer beiden Guides Dat und Hung war immer sehr gut verständlich.

    Bei der Besichtigung der Wasserfälle wurde immer genügend Zeit zum Erkunden und für einen kleinen Spazieren gelassen.

    Wir haben uns sehr sicher auf den Motorrädern von Dat und Hung gefühlt und würden die Tour jedem ans Herz legen, der Da Lat kennenlernen möchte!

  4. Victour – USA

    It was a really nice trip around Da Lat and the nearest villages. The two guides Hung and Dat made the experience incredible, as they were funny, never rushing anything and always very knowledgeable about the places we visited. With 11 stops in total, it was totally worth it! I recommend it.

  5. Desana – Ireland

    I love motor bike tours with locals, this is the best on my 6 week trip so far
    I had a fabulous day with Alex/An today motor biking around the Da Lat countryside. He loves bikes and is a very safe and careful driver. He also loves his job which shows in his tour guiding . It was such a fun and entertaining way to learn about Vietnamese culture, history and traditions. I surprised myself and ate roast crickets…yummm a very tasty snack. Had the best chicken pho ever for lunch. Do I need to mention Alex speaks excellent English and also introduced me to the tasty macadamia nut. Thank you so much Alex for a fab day. 👏🏼👏🏼😍😍🇮🇹

  6. Aura K

    Me and my husband had a great time in Da Lat for our honeymoon thanks to Hoàn. Hoàn is very warm and friendly, we felt comfortable with him in no time at all. It was a last minute impromptu booking, we booked the night before, yet he could accommodate to us. Even though the elephant waterfall was closed for renovations, he didn’t skip the waterfall itinerary and proceeded to Pongour Waterfall. He covered all the tourist spots like the flower farm, Mei Linh coffee, cricket farm, wine distillery, silkworm factory, chicken village, mushroom farm, pagoda temple and and a really nice place to eat authentic Vietnamese cuisine too. Vietnam has a rich history and Hoàn patiently told us stories along the way in the car ride. On top of that, when the tour is over, he was helpful enough to recommend us to some good affordable restaurants and bars near our hotels when we asked for dining options in coming days. All in all, we had an amazing experience.

  7. Alex from AU

    My friend and I booked our tour and Hoan and Dat made Dalat a very special trip for us. Our guides were extremely knowledgeable about the local area and funny! They also adjusted the tour to our liking. Couldn’t recommend enough if your are in Dalat for a day tour or book for one of their longer tours. Plus they had very cool motorbikes 😆. If I’m ever in the area I will be doing a different tour.
    Thanks so much Hoan and Dat regards from Alex and annika from Aus 🇦🇺🇦🇺

  8. Ryan from Uk

    An excellent day tour around Da Lat for me and my wife. We were picked up promptly from our hotel and spent most of the day being excellently driven around the Da Lat countryside. Loads of interesting stops and great local knowledge. Thank you Bruno and Kha.

  9. Konrad – Ireland

    One if the best tours I’ve been on in Vietnam, it was very interesting to go to all the farms and learn about life in the countryside and it was amazing to experience all the beautiful views. My guide Hoan was brilliant, very informative, and also had very good english. Would highly recommend this tour to anyone thinking about booking it!

  10. Megan T

    Leo and Hoan are amazing
    Hoan and Leo were amazing, had such a fun day but with lots of information and insight to vietnam life. Bikes were very comfy and felt very safe for my first ever time on a bike! Had as long as we wanted at every location but still saw everything, loved the chilled fun vibe. Thanks guys!

  11. Thirushi G

    Good combination of nature and culture
    Me and my friend did this tour and had the best experience! We got to see both the beautiful nature of Vietnam, but also dive deep into their culture with our guide Alex! He was very tentative and well informed! I would definitely recommend this tour!

  12. Tom G

    Amazing waterfalls and culture!
    Leo was an amazing tour guide, very knowledgeable and spoke extremely good English and was very funny! Went to some unique locations away from the normal tour route and was absolutely worth it. 10 stars!

  13. Charlie M

    Great Day!
    Had a great day with a great pair of riders both really nice and very funny, such nice guys.
    Saw a great waterfall, learnt about the various industries surrounding Dalat such as coffee growing and silk manufacturing.
    Even got treated to some rice wine and tried some crickets which were surprisingly delicious! 10/10 a great experience would recommend to everyone!

  14. Tommy

    A Thrilling Day Tour in Dalat on Motorbikes with the Amazing Guides Baron, Bruno, Mr. Dat, and Mr. Kha!

    I recently had the most exhilarating experience exploring Dalat on a one-day motorbike tour, guided by the incredible team of Baron, Bruno, Mr. Dat, and Mr. Kha. Let me tell you, it was an adventure of a lifetime!

    From the moment we started the tour, Baron, Bruno, Mr. Dat, and Mr. Kha impressed me with their enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of the area. They made sure to provide us with all the necessary instructions and safety guidelines before we hit the road. Their friendly demeanor and infectious energy instantly put everyone at ease, creating a fantastic group dynamic.

    We embarked on an unforgettable journey through the stunning landscapes of Dalat. The guides took us to some of the most breathtaking spots, each with its own unique charm. They shared fascinating stories and historical insights about the attractions we visited, making the experience not only thrilling but also educational.

    Baron, Bruno, Mr. Dat, and Mr. Kha showcased their exceptional riding skills as they expertly maneuvered through the winding roads and picturesque trails. Their confidence and professionalism reassured us throughout the tour, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of Dalat without any worries.

    One of the highlights of the tour was exploring the hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path locations that only the locals know about. Baron, Bruno, Mr. Dat, and Mr. Kha made sure to show us a side of Dalat that we wouldn’t have discovered on our own. Whether it was navigating through narrow alleyways or taking us to breathtaking viewpoints, their local expertise added a touch of excitement and mystery to the adventure.

    What impressed me the most was the personalized attention and care they provided to each participant. They made sure everyone felt comfortable and looked after, adjusting the pace and difficulty level according to individual preferences. Their passion for their work shone through, creating a fun and inclusive atmosphere for everyone.

    To top it all off, Baron, Bruno, Mr. Dat, and Mr. Kha had a great sense of humor, constantly cracking jokes and keeping the mood light-hearted. Laughter echoed through the group, making the tour not only exhilarating but also filled with joy and camaraderie.

  15. Julie OLEY

    I recently had an incredible tour of Da Lat with my guide, BARON. Throughout the day, he proved to be a fantastic companion, with his friendly personality making me feel comfortable during my solo trip. Our tour started at 8:00 a.m. and lasted until around 4:30 p.m., during which we visited a total of 7 different places!

    BARON took us on a comprehensive loop from the city center of Dalat to Paradise Lake, the Silk Factory, waterfalls, temples, a mushroom farm, a chicken farm, and many other amazing locations. Along the way, he provided cultural and historical insights that enhanced my appreciation of each place.

    BARON’s excellent pace stood out to me the most. We had ample time at each location, yet never felt rushed. This allowed me to truly immerse myself in the experience and find it rejuvenating rather than exhausting.

    As we made our way back to Dalat, heavy rain poured down. Fortunately, BARON was well-prepared with a sturdy raincoat that kept me dry throughout the downpour. This was just one example of his thoughtfulness and attention to detail during the tour.

    Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Dalat, Vietnam. BARON’s deep knowledge and passion for the region, combined with his exceptional driving skills and friendly demeanor, made the experience truly unforgettable.

    In summary, if you’re looking for an outstanding tour of Dalat, Vietnam, BARON is the guide for you. He will take you to incredible places and ensure that you have an unforgettable journey.

  16. _luke_shadbolt

    Awesome experience doing the Countryside and Waterfalls day tour with our guides Bin and Hung. The tour itself was comprehensive and included all of the activities described on the tour description.

    There were numerous highlights however the best part for us was the opportunity to experience the culture with two excellent hosts. Both Bin and Hung spoke excellent English, they are local and know Da Lat and all the highlights. They had a great sense of humour and we had a lot of laughs along the way. We got a real cultural insight with the added bonus of picking up some local language.

    The tour was a full day leaving the hotel at 8am and back at 5pm. We felt save on the back of the bikes and had full confidence that Bin and Hung had our safety as a priority.

    This tour was a real highlight of our time in Vietnam, I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you want to experience what Da Lat has to offer I would suggest that this tour is a must do.

  17. Sofiecasselman

    I had the most wonderfull time with our guides Leo and Dat! They gave us a very good overview of what it is like to live in the Dalat countryside. They were very friendly and their English was really good!

    The lunchbar we went to had very good Vietnamese food and a magnificent view 🙂 Also the motorbike was very comfortable.

    I would highly recommend this tour to everyone visiting Dalat !

    A big thanks to Leo and Dat!

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