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Hoi An Motorcycle Tour Self-Rider to Ho Chi Minh (7 Days)

Departure from:

Hoi An/Da Nang


All Year Round


7 Days 6 Nights

Max people:


Private tour


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On the 7-day Hoi An motorcycle tour self-rider, you will start your journey from the ancient town to the bustling metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City. Every day will be a new chapter during self-rider motorcycle tour, where diverse landscapes, rich culture and fascinating history will unfold before your eyes.

Hoi An Motorcycle Tours
An off-road through a field that has just been harvested in Lak Lake

With a trip motorbike self-rider tour, you will be as free as a bird flying at your own pace. Explore Cat Tien National Park, where Vietnamese people conserve and protect a variety of unique species.

6 4
Trekking in the Cat Tien National Park

The journey will take you along the seas, across the highlands and winding through villages. Enjoy the freedom to drive at your own pace, immerse yourself in local life, enjoy culinary delights and explore exceptional historical sites.

rubber plantion
The tour guide shares information with guests about the Viennam Rubber tree

This trip also runs in reverse for your convenience.

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Day 1: Hoi An - Kham Duc (150 Km - 5 Hours Riding)

The first day of the 7-day fromHoi An motorcycle tour to Ho Chi Minhwill start at 8:00 am.

Your tour guide from Hoi An (or Da Nang) will pick you up at your hotel and prepare you for an exciting cross-country journey.

  • On the way, green rice fields and ancient villages will be the first stop. You’ll discover local crafts, from incense making to basket weaving and artful rice paper making.
  • The journey continues through mountain roads, leading you to My Son Sanctuary, recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1995.
  • Explore the ancient Cham Towers, where history is recreated in every stone and the brilliant development of a mysterious culture on this sacred land.

In the afternoon, we will depart for Hoi An motorbike tour – a route adorned with majestic mountain scenery.

When the sun goes down, in other words we will arrive at Kham Duc around 05:00 pm. Here, we will have time to rest in comfortable accommodations, enjoy the peace of the evening and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

On the second day we will continue the Hoi An motorbike tour journey, enjoying the refreshment in the mountain waterfalls, a moment for you to relax and immerse yourself in cool water after long journeys in the Mountains. Truong Son in the East.

But our trip is not just about interacting with nature, it is also a journey through history. Pass by relics such as:

  • Charlie Hill. With majestic natural beauty
  • Phoenix Airport
  • Don’t miss the Dak To – Tan Canh battlefield. Heroic historical milestone

Here you will hear stories about resilience and courage during the war in Vietnam.

We will arrive at our overnight stop in Kon Tum. This is the time for us to enjoy comfort and reflect on our 2-day experiences with the Hoi An motorcycle tourto HCM.

Continuing your Hoi An motorcycle tour today will be an interesting day for you to explore the mountain villages where the lives of local ethnic groups live on this road.

With beautiful natural scenery like this, you will be surprised by the richness of Vietnamese nature.

  • The rubber trees in a straight line attract all eyes
  • Then the rice fields gently welcomed the wind, like a large carpet stretching out.
  • And the diverse colors of cashew and pepper trees create a wonderful picture.
  • Along the way, we visit a tea plantation and witness the talents of blacksmiths, traditional crafts that have survived the test of time.
  • The last stop is the village and the mass graves and unique festival of the Jrai people. According to the Jrai people, after death, life continues to exist, parallel to the present world. Just like when they were alive, they lived and shared together, when they died, they were buried in the same place, one grave…

When night falls, we will arrive in Buon Me Thuot to rest at a comfortable hotel. Let’s sip a cup of hot tea and look back at what we experienced during the Hoi An motorbike tour

The fourth day’s journey through Vietnam’s Central Highlands promises many surprises for you on the Hoi An motorcycle tour.

  • We start by conquering Dray Sap Waterfall, a popular tourist destination that attracts many visitors each year. This is an ideal destination for those who love exploring adventures and want to be close to nature.
  • Next, we visit a village of the Ede tribe, where you can see traditional long houses. The construction of these houses requires meticulousness and perseverance from the “artisans”.
  • At the end of the journey is Lak Lake, the precious gem of the Central Highlands. On a peaceful boat trip on the lake, you will experience the feeling of peace and admire the wild beauty of this land.

Honestly, each stop is a new chapter in the Hoi An motorcycle tour journey about the natural beauty and cultural excitement in Vietnam.

Starting with the peace of rural life, enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee and a hearty breakfast with the M’nong ethnic people for the perfect start to the new day on the Hoi An motorcycle tour.

After saying goodbye to the locals, we continued our journey by motorbike to Da Lat. The road with its curves and slopes creates a wonderful picture of wild beauty.

  • Today on the Hoi An motorbike tour to Dalat we will explore K’Ho ethnic minority village, located at the foot of Langbiang mountain, no longer strange to domestic and foreign tourists in recent years, where retains many typical cultural and traditional features of the highland ethnic minorities
  • Continuing your journey through local villages you will see firsthand about flower growing, agriculture and the daily lives of the people.

When night falls we arrive in Dalat – the city of flowers and it is also time for us to rest after a long journey.

⇒ Wake up in the morning to fresh air

Get ready for an exhilarating day with your veteran tour guide and driver at your hotel, setting off on an exciting adventure.

  • First, stop at Pongour Waterfall – Possessing majestic but no less poetic beauty
  • Next, we explore the world of Coffee and the secrets of its production.

⇒ Wild adventure in the afternoon

Prepare for an exciting river crossing, across the Dong Nai River, to Cat Tien National Park – a pristine paradise. To admire the beauty of nature and the appearance of flora and fauna.

⇒ Mysterious scene at night.

We return to the heart of the National Park to enjoy a delicious dinner to fuel up for our next adventure.

At 7:00 p.m. we will travel together in the jeep, the feeling of suspense is overwhelming as we begin the night hunting journey through the Ta Lai buffer zone – a mysterious forest. Every step is full of mystery, you can encounter wild creatures, making the trip more attractive.

1 4
Crocodile Lake in the national park

Rest assured Vietnamtwowheels always ensure your safety. Besides, we will share interesting stories about night residents at Cat Tien National Park under the guidance of experts.

After a day of adventure, immerse yourself in the comfort of these Bungalow rooms in the middle of the wild, letting the sounds of nature lull you to sleep.

Today, the last day of our Hoi An motorcycle tour, we start at Crocodile Lake. On the jeep, head deeper into the park, turn off the main road and spend 10 km walking through the ancient forest.

Stopping at the lakeside viewing tower, you will relax and enjoy the natural beauty. You can see diverse bird species such as Gaur, Green Peacock, Field Jacana and many other species. Then we will return to the center to prepare for the next motorbike journey in Hoi An.

The tour will end around 5pm, the final destination is Ho Chi Minh City. The motorbike self-rider tour will end with unforgettable memories of Vietnam.

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