Meet The Our Team

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Meet Kha Dinh – an experienced guide for Easy Rider tours in Vietnam with a foreign language degree and extensive knowledge of local culture and history. He is very thorough and is the one who takes care of everything on the tour.

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Meet Bruno – our skilled and humorous guide with a Foreign Languages degree and a decade of experience in motorbike trips. He brings contagious energy and ensures an enjoyable and memorable experience exploring Vietnam’s landscapes.

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Meet Leo – our highly experienced Easy Rider guide with a passion for adventure and exploration. With over a decade of expertise in motorbike trips. Leo is a fun-loving and humorous guide who keeps his guests entertained and smiling throughout the journey.

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Meet Carlos – our highly knowledgeable and fluent English-speaking guide. With his deep understanding of Vietnamese culture and history, He is the perfect guide for anyone seeking an immersive and informative experience. He is passionate about sharing his love for Vietnam.

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Marley – our senior guide with over a decade of experience after leaving his previous career as a hair stylist. Despite being one of the oldest guides, his contagious energy and enthusiasm light up every tour, making for a fun-filled and memorable experience.

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A passionate motorbike trip guide with lifelong experience, graduated from the Tourism University and joined our team in the early. With his easy going nature and extensive knowledge. He provides an unforgettable adventure for adventurous clients seeking fun, enthusiasm.



Meet Kun, from Lao Cai. He joined Vietnam Two Wheels in 2012 after studying tourism at Dalat University and working as a guide for canyoning and ziplining tours. Kun is known for his gentle demeanor and sincere care for his clients’ comfort and safety.

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A former tour guide for different travel companies in Dalat. He also has impressive guitar skills and loves to sing, making him an excellent addition to any night of entertainment, especially with a few beers

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Dung is fluent in both English and Korean. Dung’s warm and friendly personality, combined with his extensive knowledge of the local area, make him a valuable asset to our team.

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Mr. Dat, our kind and knowledgeable motorbike guide, left his Civil Engineering career to pursue his passion for Easy Rider. With his warm and friendly demeanor, Dat offers an authentic and immersive motorbike adventure in Vietnam.



Meet Bin, our experienced guide who has worked with numerous travel companies in Saigon. Known for his energetic and enthusiastic approach, Bin is a hard worker who is passionate about delivering exceptional service to his clients.

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Sunny – a hard-working and optimistic guide with lifelong passion for motorbikes. With his local knowledge and friendly personality, he is the perfect guide for an authentic. His success is measured by the smiles on his clients’ faces at the end of the day.