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Vietnam Motorbike Adventure – 5 Days Self Riding from Dalat to Hoi An

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Join the Vietnam motorbike adventure, an exhilarating 5-day self riding from Dalat to Hoi An, where you will admire the wild beauty of Vietnam’s mountains and forests and the poetic space that attracts tourists. because of the romance recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

Vietnam Motorbike Trip
Freedom to explore the beauty of Vietnam at your own pace

Experience freedom as you ride your motorbike through the country’s stunning landscapes. The Vietnam motorcycle tours will lead you through the Central Highlands, where cool forests and hills are waiting for you, ready to be explored.

Motorbike Trip Saigon To Hanoi
Go through places that tourists don’t know about

Next, the Vietnam Motorcycle Tours journey will take you to winding roads around the mountains. Don’t hesitate to let your heart be blown away by the waterfalls and the wonderful beauty of nature that you will witness along the way.

Map of 5-Day Dalat to Hoi An

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Day 1: Dalat - Lak Lake (165 Km/ 103 Miles - 6 Hours Riding)

Let’s start a memorable Vietnam motorbike adventure journey from Dalat to Hoi An in Vietnam, with a new day full of excitement and expectations.

We will depart from the poetic city of Dalat, touch traditional cultures and feel the peaceful rhythm of life in the beautiful countryside. Along the way, stop at a mountain restaurant where you will enjoy the wonderful flavors of Vietnamese cuisine, along with majestic scenery.

Besides, during the motorbike tour in Vietnam, you will experience bamboo handicrafts at the chopstick factory and witness how the M’nong ethnic people grow rice.

Special thing. As we approach Lak Lake, two interesting options await you:

  • A traditional Long House inn
  • Or a cozy lakeside hotel.

Both promise a great experience with local life and delicious meals at a mountain restaurant.

The Vietnam motorbike adventure journey will last through the vast forests and fields of the M’nong people, a rare opportunity to learn about agriculture and local culture.

When the sun goes down, it’s time for us to look back at what has passed, sharing stories along the way. In addition, you will have better experiences on the next journey.

Following the Vietnam motorbike adventure journey from Lak Lake to Buon Me Thuot brings you closer to the life of the M’nong ethnic people, who live in a land famous for its unique cultural identity. . You will witness their simple but colorful life when they go to work in the fields every day or launch wooden boats to go fishing on the lake.

Instead, a walk at Jun Village offers a rare opportunity to learn about their traditional lifestyle and cultural richness.

The journey then continues with routes through quaint villages, where you can take a hike to the top of Elephant Rock, where views open up to a whole world.

Continue your unique cultural exploration by better understanding traditional brick making at the nearby brick factory.

The Vietnam motorcycle tour journey continues to reach the charming Dray Sap Waterfall, making you amazed with the majesty of nature. On the road leading to the waterfall, you will see beautiful winding curves and have the opportunity to relax at the nearby “Fairy Pool”.

When the sun goes down, the special experience really begins. You will spend the night in a wooden house located on top of Draysap waterfall, where the soothing sound of the waterfall will captivate you. This is definitely an interesting experience amidst the wonderful scenery of nature that you will never forget during your Vietnam motorbike adventure journey.

Today theself riding adventure from Dalat to Hoi An takes us on a long drive along the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail, where we’ll pass through mountain villages and witness the daily lives of ethnic minorities.

Along the way, you will see picturesque scenes of rice fields, cashew orchards and black pepper vine forests, each a wonderful picture of Vietnamese agriculture.

Next, a visit to a tea plantation will give you the opportunity to admire the meticulous tea growing art of the people here.

In addition, you will be able to visit a long-standing blacksmith workshop, their craftsmanship contributes to the national economy and is well worth exploring on your Vietnam motorbike adventure.

Plus you will continue your journey to the heart of the Jrai tribe, where their village and mausoleum are located, a portal to their cultural heritage and legendary past.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the wonderful local cuisine as we travel along the road, with delicious specialties full of the unique flavors of this land.

From Kon Tum to Kham Duc is a journey that will give you many emotions, with these dreamlike roads.

First, as you traverse this storied path, let the magnificent landscape pervade and stir all your senses.

Next, take some time to understand and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Xe Dang, Gie Trieng and Co Tu cultures, which are growing under the Eastern Truong Son mountain range..

The next step of the journey takes you into the historical vestiges of Dak To – Tan Canh Battlefield, Phoenix Airport and Charlie Hill. Each location contains the strong resilience of the people during the resistance war. In addition, a history will be deeply engraved in your heart that you will never forget.

Today we will stop at Kham Duc, where you will immerse yourself in the vibrant nightlife

The last day of the Vietnam motorbike adventure trip from Kham Duc to Hoi An promises many interesting experiences.

First, you’ll explore Kham Duc, a vibrant mountain town with a bustling local market. You will witness the vibrant life of people participating in trading activities.

Then, crossing the Thu Bon River by ferry, you will arrive at My Son Sanctuary, which preserves the architectural and religious beauty of the ancient Cham people.

Finally, the journey ends in the town of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When you check in to the hotel, that’s when your 5-day vacation from Dalat to Hoi An ends.

These past few days, we have experienced many interesting things. On that long road, we not only shared the same road but also shared meals, sleep and even the roads we took.

Perhaps Vietnamtwowheels will forever be in your memories. Those moments will never fade away. However, all fun ends, we will always remember each other as soulful friends.

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