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Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert – Saigon To Hanoi (20 Days)

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20 Days 19 Nights

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Exploring Vietnam and its diverse cultures is best experienced with Vietnam motorbike tour expert. The 20-day from Saigon to Hanoi motorbike tour offers unique flexibility only found with Vietnam Two Wheels.

We’ll journey through ancient cities, stunning coastlines, and picturesque landscapes of the Central Highlands. As well as along the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail, through lush rainforests, waterfalls, and twisty mountain passes.

on the way saigon to hanoi motorbike tour
Beautiful beach on the way Saigon to Hanoi motorbike tour

Along the way, we’ll have the perfect opportunity to visit the UNESCO World Heritage ancient town of Hoi An. Drive along the breathtaking Hai Van Pass with its incredible view of Da Nang and the Lang Co Peninsula. And explore the Vinh Moc Tunnels to learn more about the Vietnam War.

ho chi minh trail in kon tum
Stop in Kon Tum on Ho Chi Minh Trail

Our adventure continues as we travel to Phong Nha National Park, where we’ll discover impressive limestone caves and so much more.

We offer various travel styles to cater to all preferences. You don’t require a motorbike license to join us, you can ride pillion with one of our professional, experienced, and licensed tour guides.

This choice provides a hassle-free experience, far from the traffic and road conditions in Vietnam.

Simply sit back, relax, and savor the adventure!

easy rider tour ho chi minh trail
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vietnam on two motorbike wheels

The trip from Saigon to Hanoi motorbike tour is a full experience of Vietnam, from culture and human history for those who want to learn about this country.

This tour also runs in reverse for your convenience.

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Highlights Vietnam Motorbike Tour Expert

ITINERARY Vietnam Motorbike Tour

Day 1: Saigon - Long Hai Beach (140 Km - 6 Hours Riding)

Escape the hustle and bustle of Saigon by embarking on a scenic ride through the countryside. After crossing the picturesque Saigon River by ferry, we’ll wind our way through beautiful roads lined with rubber plantations.

Along the way, we’ll stop to witness how the locals extract latex from rubber trees. Our next destination is the Minh Dam Army Base, where we’ll gain insight into the difficult conditions of the battle that took place there between the Americans and Vietnamese prior to 1975.

Be sure not to miss the stunning Thuong Chieu Monastery Pagoda, a religious structure renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship. Take a moment to unwind and soak in the therapeutic hot springs of Binh Chau before opening your mind to the wonders of Buddhism with a visit to the historical Dinh Mountain vestige.

Finally, we’ll ride to the serene Long Hai Beach and settle in for the night.

Embark on an exhilarating ride along the stunning coastline, pausing at Ke Ga Lighthouse, the oldest of its kind in Southeast Asia, for an opportunity to capture the beauty of this picturesque landscape.

En route to Mui Ne, we’ll make a stop at Van Thuy Tu Temple, where you’ll witness the unique culture of local fishermen, who worship the skeleton of a massive whale. The ancient Champa Towers are also a must-see, offering insight into the Cham hill tribe and their traditions.

After a day of riding in the heat, take a refreshing dip in the ocean at Mui Ne Beach. We’ll spend a delightful evening in Mui Ne.

We’ll depart from Mui Ne early in the morning to explore the area’s highlights, including the Fishing Village, Fairy Springs, Red Canyon, and White Sand Dunes. After that, we’ll hop back on our motorbikes and ride through the dragon fruit farms.

If you’re interested, you can even purchase some of the fresh fruits to taste. Next, we’ll continue our journey to the breathtaking curvy mountain roads of the Central Highlands, where we’ll make a stop at the K’ho ethnic minority village to experience their unique culture, wild lifestyle, and natural hospitality.

We’ll arrive in Bao Loc at around 5 pm, where we’ll check-in and stay overnight.

Departing from Bao Loc, we’ll embark on an exciting journey to Dalat, where we’ll visit the picturesque green tea farms, the stunning Pongour waterfall, mushroom farms, Elephant Waterfall, silkworm villages, and silk processing chains, as well as the lush coffee plantations, where you’ll learn how the highlanders process coffee using traditional techniques.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to try the renowned “Weasel Coffee” in Vietnam. As we continue along the winding mountain trail, be sure to take some incredible photos of the breathtaking views in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Our next stop is the vegetable and flower farms, where you’ll witness the farmers cultivating their crops.

We’ll arrive at the charming mountain city of Dalat around 4 p.m., where you can escape the heat and enjoy the refreshing cool mountain climate. The culture and architecture in Dalat were strongly influenced by the French, so take some time to explore and appreciate this beautiful city full of exceptionally friendly people. Have a fantastic night in Dalat.

Depart from Dalat, also known as ‘Le Petite Paris,’ and explore the stunning countryside on the way to the Central Highlands. As you ride through the picturesque landscape, take a break at a charming mountain restaurant and savor some authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

Learn about the history of the Agent Orange area and trek through the lush jungle to take in the breathtaking natural beauty of the region. Stop by a chopstick factory to witness the local bamboo craft and ride through the vast rice fields to see the rice agriculture of the M’nong ethnic minority people.

Upon arrival at Lak Lake, choose between a traditional Long House home-stay with the locals or a delightful lakeside hotel.

Embark on an early morning trek through the lush jungle to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise and admire the stunning views of the surrounding area. Return to the Long House for breakfast and then continue our journey to the Dray Nur waterfall, the most beautiful waterfall in the Central Highlands.

Take a refreshing swim in the natural pools and enjoy the cool, misty atmosphere of the waterfall. Next, we visit the nearby rubber tree plantations and learn how the locals tap the trees to collect rubber latex.

You can try your hand at the process yourself and learn about the history and importance of rubber in the region. We continue to Buon Ma Thuot city, where you can explore the city and try some of the famous local coffee. Visit the Buon Don elephant village and learn about the culture and tradition of the indigenous people and their relationship with elephants.

You can take a ride on one of these magnificent creatures and experience the natural beauty of the surrounding area. We end the day with a pleasant stay in Buon Ma Thuot.

Embark on a journey through time as we traverse the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, a logistical masterpiece that enabled the North Vietnamese Army to transport manpower and materials to the South during the war.

With every twist and turn of this stunning trail, we delve deeper into the history of Vietnam and the struggles of its people. From the courageous locals who endured the horrors of war to the peaceful existence they enjoy today. We bear witness to it all.

Along the way, we pause to visit quaint villages in the remote countryside, where farmers toil away to make rice papers and noodles for a living. Our journey culminates in Chu Se, a charming town on the Ho Chi Minh trail, where we check-in and settle in for a peaceful night’s rest.

Embark on an exciting journey to Pleiku and witness the breathtaking beauty of the “Pearl of Pleiku Plateau” – Sea Lake. Once a volcanic crater that went extinct a million years ago, Sea Lake is a stunning oasis that is bound to leave you spellbound. The cool air, winding roads, and the picturesque landscape of pine trees and terraced fields on mountains will take your breath away.

As we continue our journey, we head towards Kon Tum where we explore the Kon Tum Prison and the Wooden Church, two significant historical sites. Our visit to the Vinh Son Orphanage will fill your heart with joy as you spend some quality time with the lovely kids.

Our adventure takes us to the Kon K’tu village where we delve into the rich culture and customs of the Ede hill tribe. We get the opportunity to visit the traditional Rong House and witness the unique architecture that has been passed down for generations.

After a day filled with exciting experiences and unforgettable memories, we return to town at 5 pm and rest for the night, ready to continue our journey the next day.

Embark on an unforgettable journey as you ride along the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail, where breathtaking landscapes and fascinating cultures await.

Take in the stunning scenery as you cruise along, and stop to explore the diverse customs and traditions of ethnic minority groups, including the Ch’ru, Bana, and Ede peoples who call the eastern Truong Son Mountain ranges home.

Visit the Phoenix Airport and Charlie Hill to gain insight into the struggles of locals during the war. Arrive in Kham Duc, a charming mountain town on the trail, and settle in for a peaceful overnight stay.

Discover the vibrant and bustling local market of Kham Duc, where the mountain town comes alive in the early hours of the morning with locals trading their wares. Hop back on your trusty motorbike and continue your adventure along the stunning Ho Chi Minh Trail.

Take a ferry across the Thu Bon River to reach the My Son Holy Land, an enchanting sanctuary that offers a glimpse into the ancient Cham religion and architecture.

Afterward, arrive in the historic town of Hoi An and spend the rest of the afternoon exploring its charming streets on foot.

Embark on an adventure through the winding roads of the countryside, passing through Tra Que Village where you’ll witness the locals’ daily life and hospitality. The journey continues to Marble Mountain, where breathtaking views of Da Nang City and the surrounding area await.

Traveling north along the stunning My Khe beach, brace yourself for an exhilarating climb up Hai Van Pass, with its often-cloudy skies and panoramic vistas that are sure to take your breath away.

As you make your descent, stumble upon a pristine stretch of coastline near Lang Co fishing village, where you can dip your toes into the crystal clear water, chat with the friendly fishermen, and capture some amazing photos.

Your adventure doesn’t stop here, as you visit Elephant Springs. A tranquil oasis surrounded by lush greenery, and a perfect spot for a refreshing swim in the natural pool at the bottom of the springs.

As the day draws to a close, cruise into the center of Hue, where you’ll spend the night and recharge for the next day’s with Vietnam motorbike tour expert.

Discover the hidden history of Vietnam as we explore the ancient Nam Giao village and delve into the rich cultural heritage of Hue.

Visit the stunning citadels, the Minh Mang Tomb, and the infamous orange agent areas to uncover the secrets of the war. Then, continue our journey on the Ho Chi Minh trail to visit the historic battlefield of Hamburger Hill.

Along the way, we will stop at the charming Churu Van Kieu villages to witness their daily lives and hear stories of their legendary resistance against the Americans.

We’ll also stop at the Dakrong area and Khe Sanh battlefield before reaching our final destination. Khe Sanh, where we’ll spend the night.

We dive deeper into the history of Vietnam and explore the remnants of the civil war before 1975. We visit the DMZ, the Hien Luong Bridge, and the Vinh Moc tunnels to gain a better understanding of the struggles that the Vietnamese people faced during this tumultuous time.

As we hop back on our bikes and ride through the picturesque Northern Truong Son mountain range. We soak in the beauty of the surrounding nature and reflect on the rich history of the area.

We finally reach Dong Hoi as the sun sets and settle in for the night.

The trip to Saigon to Hanoi with Vietnam motorbike tour expert in the Central region is mainly about visiting famous historical places during the Vietnam War.

Start your day by exploring the rich history of Vietnam at the Phu Hoa church, which was a site of intense battles during the war. As you continue on the Ho Chi Minh trail, soak in the stunning natural beauty of the Northern Truong Son mountain range.

The next stop on the itinerary is the mesmerizing Phong Nha Caves, which is one of Vietnam’s two natural world heritages. Spend about four hours exploring the area on foot and by boat, immersing yourself in the wonders of nature.

You’ll spend the night in Phong Nha, taking in the serenity of this peaceful town.

We bid farewell to the breathtaking Phong Nha Caves and continue our journey towards Ky Anh, with many fascinating stops along the way.

First, we visit Da Nhay beach, a picturesque location with natural rock formations that resemble horses jumping over waves.

Then, we head to the shrimp farms and salt-making village, where we can witness the traditional methods of seafood and salt production.

Our next stop is Ngang Pass, where we can enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the surrounding area. As the sun starts to set, we reach Ky Anh and settle in for the night.

After a satisfying breakfast, we hit the road again, leaving Ky Anh behind and heading towards Vinh, the homeland of Ho Chi Minh.

Our first stop is the Huong Tich Pagoda, a beautiful temple nestled in the mountains that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. From there, we move on to the historic Dong Loc Three Way Crossroad, a significant site during the Vietnam War, where young women sacrificed their lives to transport supplies to soldiers on the front line.

Continuing our journey, we visit the Nguyen Du Great Poet Monument, a tribute to one of Vietnam’s most famous poets, before making our way to Ho Chi Minh Square, a bustling hub of activity in the heart of Vinh.

We settle in for the night in this vibrant city, ready for the adventures that tomorrow will bring.

Embark on an enriching journey to explore the roots of Vietnam’s history and culture as we visit Sen village, the birthplace of Ho Chi Minh.

Dive deeper into Vietnamese history by visiting the Ba Trieu temple in Chua village before experiencing the local way of life in the small villages where traditional mats and marble stones are made.

Take a closer look at how tobacco is rolled and processed by the locals. We arrive in Thanh Hoa around 5 p.m and stay overnight.

Embark on an early morning journey from Thanh Hoa to Ninh Binh. The ancient capital of Vietnam that witnessed the rise and fall of many dynasties.

Here, you will visit the awe-inspiring natural landscapes of Tam Coc-Bich Dong, Bai Dinh Temple, and Trang An. Afterward, you’ll head to Cuc Phuong National Park, where you’ll immerse yourself in the wonders of nature.

Spend the night in Ninh Binh, and let the beauty of Vietnam’s past and present take your breath away.

After a refreshing night with the hospitable Muong people. We start the day by hiking through the picturesque landscapes of Hoa Binh province to visit some hidden waterfalls and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Then, we continue our journey to Mai Chau, the land of the White Thai ethnic group. Take a rest and enjoy lunch with a local family before taking a cycling tour around the village.

You will have a chance to observe the daily life of the locals and immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of rice paddies and stilt houses. Stay overnight in a traditional Thai homestay.

The last day of Saigon to Hanoi motorbike tour, we make sure to end it on a high note. We visit the charming Viet-Muong village, soak in the beauty of Hoa Binh lake, and climb to the top of the Hoa Binh Hydro Electricity station to enjoy the stunning views.

We also take the time to immerse ourselves in the daily life of an isolated ethnic minority village.

Finally, we arrive in the bustling city of Hanoi at around 5:00 pm, bringing an end to our unforgettable journey.

End your 20 day with Vietnam motorbike tour expert from Saigon to Hanoi trip with our experienced guides.

If you don’t have 20 days, you can consider a 10-day from Saigon to Hoi An motorbike tour.

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  1. Willson

    I recently embarked on a 20-day motorbike tour from Saigon to Hanoi and it was truly an incredible experience. From the bustling city streets to the winding mountain roads, this tour offered an unparalleled adventure through Vietnam.

    Our tour guide was knowledgeable and experienced, ensuring our safety while also showing us the hidden gems of the country that we wouldn’t have discovered on our own. We rode through picturesque countryside, stopping at local markets and enjoying delicious meals at roadside cafes. Each day offered a new adventure and we were constantly in awe of the stunning scenery around us.

    The highlight of the trip for me was riding through the Hai Van Pass, the winding mountain road made famous by the Top Gear Vietnam Special. The views were breathtaking and I felt a real sense of accomplishment when we reached the top.

    The accommodations were comfortable and clean, offering a much-needed respite after a long day on the road. And the camaraderie among our group was truly special – we bonded over our shared experiences and made lasting memories together.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this motorbike tour to anyone looking for a unique and unforgettable way to experience Vietnam. The combination of adventure, culture, and camaraderie made for a truly amazing 20 days that I will never forget.

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