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Dalat, the precious gem of Vietnam, in Lam Dong province, is an extremely attractive tourist destination with an altitude of 1500m above sea level. Not only is it a city of mist and thousands of flowers, Dalat also possesses wonderful natural beauty, with sparkling Pine forests, hydrangeas, Cherry Blossom trees, along with majestic landscapes such as rivers and lakes, mountains and freshwater streams.

Things To Do in Dalat City
A view from above of the beautiful city of Dalat

The French built their country retreats here to escape the hot summers in the city, and they are right. Not only is it nice and cool, there is also little traffic and a lot of beautiful things to see in the vicinity.

In this article,Vietnamtwowheels.comwill provide you withthe things to do in Dalat, helping you get the most complete information about this beautiful city.

I. 5 reasons you should go to Dalat

  1. Cool climate & Fresh air
  2. Exciting thrilling adventure activities
  3. Winding mountain roads perfect for motorbike exploration
  4. Gentle and friendly locals
  5. Delight in unique local dishes

II. 3 best things to do in Dalat

1. Dalat Canyoning Tour

Dalat Canyoning Tour is not only an adventure sport, but also an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful beauty of pristine nature. This experience requires you to overcome challenges, climb mountain passes, and brave majestic waterfalls.

During the Canyoning tour , you will be guided by experienced experts and professional guides. They will accompany you, help you overcome all challenges and discover unforgettable moments.

Things to do in Dalat Canyoning Tour
Zinline down to the Waterfall

Dalat Canyoning Tour is not a challenge, but also an opportunity to connect with nature and discover yourself. Prepare yourself and experience these exciting moments!

Our customer has shared a video testimonial about our Canyoning program

2. Dalat Easy Rider Countryside Motorbike Tour

The idyllic space and poetic beauty of Dalat’s countryside will make the motorbike tour of Dalat more meaningful and wonderful than ever.

Dalat Easy Rider Tour
Experience the feeling of free adventure on two wheels

With motorbike tour Dalat, we often call it Dalat Easy Riders. You will feel the freedom and excitement of exploring every road and corner of the countryside. You don’t need a motorbike license, just excitement and a professional, trained and licensed guide to lead you through impressive destinations.

From vast Coffee gardens to gentle waterfalls, from trails to traditional villages, the motorbike tour Dalat will take you to discover a completely different Dalat.

3. 2-day combined program – Motorbike Tour – Camping – Canyoning

With this 2-day experiential program, you’ve nearly captured the essence of this splendid city. The itinerary also features an extra night of Camping.

Dalat Camping in Tuyen Lam Lake
The campsite is located on the shore of Tuyen Lam Lake

Campers in Dalat are spoiled with picturesque surroundings. From lush Pine forests to tranquil lakes and Flower-filled meadows, there are countless breathtaking spots to set up your tent. Enjoy leisurely strolls through nature trails, Birdwatching, and admiring the region’s unique flora and fauna.

III. Which season is best to travel to Dalat?

Each season in Da Lat has its own beauty, attracting tourists with different experiences. You can choose your favorite season to explore Dalat to your liking and enjoy your travel itinerary!

  • Spring (January-March) – from 20 to 28 degrees

This is the ideal time to see unique flowers bloom and visit sparkling flower gardens.

  • Summer (April – June) – from 24 to 31 degrees

Contains the secret of mists and warm weather. Brings you a comfortable feeling for exploring.

  • Autumn (July – September) – Temperatures between 24 and 31

Rain does not take away the beauty of this city of flowers, and do you know what to do in Dalat when it rains?. There’s nothing better than enjoying grilled dishes, sitting near the fire and a glass of hot soy milk.

  • Winter (October to December) – Temperature from 20 to 26 degrees

Dalat tours in winter are the time when flowers bloom brightly on the hills, creating a mysterious but no less attractive scene.

IV. Best hotels & resort in Dalat

Accommodation when coming to Dalat is always an important part of Dalat tours. Here are some notable places for you to stay during your trip:

Mid-range Hotel

With spacious space, these hotels are often highly appreciated for their cozy and comfortable feeling.

  • La Vie En Rose Villa
  • Tasme Hotel
  • Tulip Hotel
  • Iris Hotel Dalat

Luxury resort

A resort paradise located amidst majestic nature, bringing a wonderful experience with a sense of peace and comfort.

  • Zen Valley Dalat Resort
  • Swiss Belresort Tuyen Lam
  • Terracotta Da Lat

Things to do in Dalat is choosing the best motel that best suits your needs, then you should not miss Tiny Tiger Hostel.

These accommodation options not only bring comfort but also create special experiences for your Dalat tours itinerary.

V. Super delicious dishes in Dalat

Dalat not only attracts tourists by its natural beauty but also by the unique flavors of its unique cuisine. Things to do in Dalat are indispensable for experiencing these street foods.

  • Grilled Rice Paper

Crispy with toppings like cheese and sausage. This is one of the things to do in Dalat on cold days.

  • Chicken Heart Moist Cake

Dalat’s specialty is soft wet Cake, combined with delicious, fresh Chicken intestines, imbued with the typical flavor of the city.

  • Hot Soy Milk

A cup of hot Soy milk with pepper cakes or croissants is a wonderful experience, especially in the chilly air of Dalat.

  • Banh Can Da Lat

A simple but unique cake with a crispy crust, delicious Egg filling combined with onion Fish sauce and shumai, making you truly fascinated.

  • Chicken Hotpot with E Leaves

The delicious, fragrant broth of Chicken with eucalyptus leaves creates a unique flavor, not to be missed.

Some restaurant locations you can visit:

  • Artist Alley Restaurant
  • Le Da Lat wooden house
  • Ha Thanh Original Restaurant
  • Da Quy Restaurant
  • Chu Quan barbecue

The beautiful view Cafe is also a great choice in things to do in Dalat

  • An coffee shop
  • Me Linh coffee garden
  • Violet Wednesday book cafe
  • Ma Rung Inn (Ghost Rung Inn)
  • Da Lat Panoramic Coffee
  • Happy Farm Cafe

VI. Things to do in Dalat at night

Things to do in Dalat at night are interesting experiences that you should not miss when coming to this foggy city. Feel and enjoy every wonderful moment during thejourney in the evening, creating unforgettable memories in your life.

Thing to do in Dalat
Certain Places You Must Visit in Dalat at Night
  • Stroll around Dalat night market: Here, you can enjoy delicious food, shop for handmade products and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Dalat night.
  • Check-in to Xuan Huong Lake when the city lights up: This is the ideal place for you to relax, enjoy the peaceful space and create beautiful photos at night.
  • Camping overnight on the pine hill: Under the stars and the sounds of the night, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of Dalat night.
  • Check-in tour to beautiful cafes in Dalat at night such as: Inn &d Beepub Bar, Escape Bar, Rainy Night Club…

VII. How to move to Dalat?

When planning a trip to Dalat, moving here is one of the important issues you need to consider. With a geographical location between the center of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, there are many suitable means of transportation to get there.

  • Flying: With long distances, flying is the most convenient and time-saving option. Airlines offer many flights from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh to Lien Khuong airport in Dalat. You can find out information about schedules and ticket prices to choose the right airline.
  • Riding a motorbike: If you want to experience a journey through beautiful scenery on the road, choosing a motorbike tour Dalat may be the best choice.
  • Busses to Dalat
    Dalat is an important bus stop for open bus tickets. The Sinh Tourist has daily buses to Mui Ne, Nha Trang and HCMC.
    Dalat’s long-distance bus station is 1.5 km south of Xuan Huong Lake and is dominated by Phuong Trang buses that offer free hotel pick-ups and drop-offs and buses to all major regional destinations.

VIII. 2 days 1 night itinerary in Da Lat

When planning to travel to Dalat in a short time, the 3-day, 2-night self-guided itinerary is the ideal choice to explore and experience Dalat city. Below is a sample itinerary for this tour.

DayFun activities
Day 1: City TourFirst day: guided motorbike tour, admiring the majestic landscape of Da Lat.

After that: you will visit the two most majestic waterfalls

Next: Experience the best Coffee in the world

Next: We will learn about the culture of Ethnic Minorities

Additionally: Visit traditional craft villages such as Wine making villages, Cricket farms, and Silk villages.

Day 2 – Visit the suburbsDay two: We will participate in Canyoning activities

However: if you do not want to go over the waterfall, you can consider forms such as: Cable Car, visiting Crazy House, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, or joining Roller Coaster at Datanla waterfall.

With this itinerary, visitors will have the opportunity to experience the unique and characteristic beauty of Dalat in a short time while still ensuring relaxation and comfort. Wishing you an enjoyable and memorable trip.


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