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Best Aventure Motorbike – From Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An 8 Days Self-Rider

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8 Days 7 Nights

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Welcome to the best 8-day best adventure motorbike program from Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An – a journey full of freedom, flexibility and initiative in the schedule.

From Ho Chi Minh To Hoi An
Experience freedom at your own pace

Attractive points of Vietnam motorbike tours.

  • Flexible time: driving a motorbike not only gives you the freedom to decide when to start and rest, on the other hand it also opens up the opportunity to conquer difficult roads and narrow gravel roads that cars cannot. You will feel all the beauty of the unsteady cliffs and windy coastline that cannot be enjoyed if you just sit in a discreet car.
  • Freedom to stop: In other words, you can record beautiful moments with souvenir photos, you can do this anytime on your Vietnam adventure motorbike journey.
Motorcycles are extremely professionally
Motorcycles are extremely professionally equipped

And to make your trip more perfect, choosing a reputable backpacking club is essential. Vietnamtwowheels.comcreated by motorbike and adventure enthusiasts, has become a trusted partner for exciting trips. With more than 5 years of organizing off-road motorbike tours across Vietnam, we have brought great experiences to our customers.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, here you will find a professional and friendly environment, where your passion will be satisfied and your Vietnam adventure motorbike journey will become more memorable than ever.

This trip also runs in reverse.

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ITINERARY best adventure motorbike

Day 1: Saigon - Long Hai Beach (140 Km/ 87 Miles - 6 Hours Riding)

On the first day of our Vietnam motorbike tours journey to explore a new land, we leave Ho Chi Minh City where the bustling city is and immerse ourselves in the peaceful countryside. After the ferry ride across the Saigon River, winding roads stretch with famous rubber plantations.

  • At this time we will stop to explore the art of rubber latex exploitation
  • Next, learn about history at Minh Dam Military Base, where the historic battle between the US and Vietnam was recorded.
  • Be surprised by the shimmering beauty of Thuong Chieu Monastery Pagoda – an architectural masterpiece worthy of attention.
  • Especially on the Vietnam adventure motorcycle itinerary, you will experience Binh Chau therapeutic hot springs with the ability to heal fatigue.
  • And don’t forget to learn about Buddhism by visiting the historical relic of Mount Dinh.

At the end of a long day of adventure, we will arrive at the peaceful shores of Long Hai Beach. This is a great place to relax overnight, surrounded by the peace and quiet of the sea.

Continuing with the best adventure motorbike, as we run along the coastal roads, each section is a wonderful picture.

  • Start your journey at Ke Ga Lighthouse, one of Southeast Asia’s oldest. Capture unforgettable moments in this historic spot.
  • Immerse in the local culture at Van Thuy Tu Pagoda, where fishermen worship a touching whale skeleton.
  • Explore the unique Cham tribe culture at the ancient Champa Tower.
  • Conclude your emotional day with relaxation at Mui Ne Beach, immersing in the vast sea.

At the end of a long day of adventure on the best adventure motorbike journey, it’s time to rest and regenerate energy in the wonderful beach town of Mui Ne – Phan Thiet.

On the third day of the Vietnam adventure motorcycle we will leave Mui Ne early to explore the special spots of the area.

  • First is the Fishing Village, followed by Fairy Stream, Red Canyon and White Sand Dunes.

Then, get back on the motorbike and continue the journey to the dragon fruit farms. If you are interested, you can buy and enjoy some delicious fresh fruits.

Next, we will conquer the winding mountain roads in the Central Highlands.

Your next stop will be the K’ho ethnic village, where you will immerse yourself in their unique culture and wild way of life.

Next, our Vietnam adventure motorcycle journey will take us to Dalat

  • Start with experiencing the romantic green tea farms
  • Then the beautiful Pongour waterfall
  • Or mushroom farms, Elephant Falls, Silkworm villages and a chain of silk processing facilities along with delicious coffee plantations.

This is also an opportunity for you to enjoy Vietnam’s famous “Weasel Coffee”.

Along the way, don’t forget to take wonderful photos of the fascinating beauty of the Central Highlands.

The next stop on the best adventure motorbike journey will be the Vegetable and Flower farm, where you will witness the farming process of the farmer.

We will arrive in Dalat, the mountain city, at around 4pm. Here, you can avoid the heat and enjoy the cool mountain air.

Culture and architecture in Dalat have a profound influence on the French. In other words, a harmonious combination of Vietnamese and French culture. Ancient houses, architectural works, as well as the lifestyle in Dalat all bear the mark of the French. Wishing you a wonderful night in Dalat and prepare for your next journey in the best adventure motorbike

The first thing on a Vietnam adventure motorbike trip is to explore Dalat’s prominent landmarks such as the Crazy House, the vibrant Flower Market and the Old Train Station.

As we move from Dalat to Lak Lake, get ready for an exciting experience.

On the way, we will enjoy the typical flavors of traditional Vietnamese cuisine at restaurants on mountain passes and admire the beautiful landscapes of the region.

Next, immerse yourself in the history of Agent Orange in this region, better understanding the effects that war has had on this land.

Another interesting part of the best adventure motorbike journey is walking through the forest, enjoying the majestic natural beauty of the Highlands. At the same time, you will admire the art of making chopsticks at the bamboo workshop and enjoy the hands-on feeling of watching the M’nong ethnic people farming in the vast fields.

And to fully experience the true beauty of the local culture, you can choose to stay here

  • Traditional Long House
  • Or a hotel with a view overlooking Lak Lake, where you will enjoy quiet space and beautiful nature.

In short, whichever way you choose to stay, get ready for a memorable experience, perfected by the majesty of this Highland.

Starting the day with a delicious breakfast, we will get on the motorbike to prepare for the best adventure motorbike trip on the sea route.

After we leave the peaceful beauty of Lak Lake, our journey takes us to Buon Me Thuot. In particular, our tour guide will introduce you to the life, history and way of living of the M’nong people.

At the same time, we will also explore the beauty of the second natural lake with a canoe trip (if the weather permits).

Here, we will enjoy the art of making rice paper and vermicelli. Plus we will go to the market to buy food to prepare for a picnic lunch in the National Park (you can choose between cooking your own or picnic)

The best adventure motorbike journey continues to take us to a waterfall and enjoy swimming to relax.

When sunset falls, we will rest at the wooden houses on top of the waterfall and enjoy the gentle melody of birds singing.

Today, we will go from Buon Me Thuot to Kon Tum on the Vietnam adventure motorcycle journey. Walk through mountain villages and see the daily lives of ethnic minorities.

This trip leads us through the mountains, to get an overview of the simple lives of different ethnic groups.

During the Vietnam motorbike tour, we will witness the process of exploiting rubber from trees with unique rituals.

Our path will pass through rice fields, cashew orchards and pepper plantations, each showing its own characteristics of Vietnamese agriculture.

We will stop and visit a tea plantation, where we will meet the tea growers and better understand the production process.

Especially at the ancient blacksmith workshop, we clearly see the power of craftsmanship to Vietnam’s national economy.

The trip continues with a visit to the center of the Jrai tribe, their village and tombs. In other words we will learn about their cultural heritage and mystical past.

In particular, street food specialties cannot be missed when we enjoy local delicacies.

As we approach the last day of our best adventure motorbike journey, we will go through roads with wonderfully beautiful scenery.

Don’t forget to explore the unique culture of the Cho Ru, Ba Na and Ede ethnic groups, who live in the Truong Son range in the eastern region of Vietnam.

At Phoenix and Charlie Hill Airport, a bit of emotion subsided as we remembered history. The hardships and strength of local people in the face of war.

At the end of the day, we visited the mountain town of Kham Duc, a special stop on the Vietnam adventure motorbike itinerary. Enjoy the local culture and warmth of the people here together.

Tonight in Kham Duc, let’s relax and reflect on the interesting experiences on the journey we have gone through and prepare for the next final journey.

Start your day in Kham Duc with a visit to the local market, where you will feel the vitality of daily life and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this mountain town.

When ready, we will return to the motorbike to continue the best adventure motorbike journey.

Cross Thu Bon River by ferry and arrive at My Son Sanctuary. Enjoy the space of this ancient Cham temple.

Continue the journey, arriving in the ancient town of Hoi An. A place that “satisfies arriving guests, pleases departing guests” because of its peaceful and ancient beauty, not noisy or crowded.

Arriving at the hotel around 4pm, you will be free to explore this dream city.

End of a wonderful 8-day journey at Vietnam motorbike tours.

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