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Dalat Canyoning Waterfall Abseil Tour

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Set off on a thrilling journey with our Dalat Canyoning Waterfall Abseil Tour that lasts an entire day, set amidst the stunning backdrop of Dalat’s landscape. This adventure will have you mastering the skills of waterfall rappelling and canyoning rope work.

dalat canyoning tour
This is the largest waterfall of 25m in the Canyoning adventure trip

The Dalat Canyoning Adventure is a contemporary sport that offers a unique opportunity to engage with nature’s untouched splendor.

As you navigate through majestic canyons, you will be hiking, leaping, and swimming, embracing the excitement of navigating through spectacular ravines. Guiding you through this memorable adventure will be experienced canyoning experts and professional guides, ensuring a safe and exhilarating experience.

Zipline down from the falls

If you have time, you can experience a 2-day combined Dalat adventure tours.

I. Tour Itinerary Dalat Canyoning Waterfall Abseil Tour

Your Dalat Canyoning Adventure kicks off at 08:30 AM with a swift hotel departure, followed by a scenic drive of 25 minutes to the captivating Datanla Waterfall.

  1. Preparation and Equipment: Upon arrival, you’ll check in at our designated abseiling station to get comfortable with the gear you’ll use throughout the day. 
  2. Initial Descent: Revel in the thrill of your first abseil, a dry run down a notable 18-meter drop.
  3. Canyon Exploration: Venture further into the depths of the canyon, ready yourself for an exhilarating Tyrolean Traverse, crossing above a dynamic waterfall and serpentine river.
  4. Waterfall Swim: Enjoy a leisurely swim at the base of the waterfall, a perfect interlude in your adventure.
  5. Waterfall Slide: Feel the rush as you glide down a natural waterslide carved by the waterfall itself.
  6. Canyoning Dalat Highlight: Challenge yourself with an adrenaline-fueled 25-meter waterfall abseil, testing both your bravery and technique.dalat-canyoning-tour-abseilAbseiling down ad 25m falls
  7. Cliff Jump: Take a daring leap from a 7-meter high rock, plunging into the cool embrace of the water below.
  8. The Washing Machine: Tackle the intense 13-meter waterfall abseil, known among thrill-seekers as “The Washing Machine.”
  9. Picnic Time: Refuel with a delightful picnic lunch, complete with a selection of bread, cheeses, fruits, jams, and drinks.
  10. Return Hike: Conclude your excursion with a 40-minute hike through picturesque surroundings, leading back to the van that will take you to your hotel.
  11. Journey’s End: Contemplate the day’s extraordinary experiences, with the tour wrapping up between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM, depending on the pace and endurance of your group. Close out a day you’ll never forget with the Dalat Canyoning Abseil Tour.

II. Dalat Canyoning Tour: Price, Details, and Terms

  • Price: $82/Person
  • Pick Up and Drop Off: At Your Hotel (in the City center)
  • Start Time: 8:30 AM
  • Finish Time: Between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM
  • Activities: Hiking, Rappelling, Water Sliding, Free Jumping, and Swimming
  • Canyoning Grade: 5 To 7, Easy To Moderate
  • What to Bring: Shorts, T-Shirt, Sport Shoes (Or Trainers), Socks, and Optional Dry Clothes
  • What Is Included: Picnic Lunch, Bottle Of Water, English Speaking Guides, Transportation, All Basic Equipment, Insurance, and Free Pictures
  • What is NOT Included: Tip For Guides, Personal Major Medical Including Evacuation Insurance Coverage Is Recommended

III. Terms & Conditions

Health and Fitness Requirements: Our canyoning adventures are designed for those with a basic level of physical fitness and comfort in water. While strong swimming abilities are not a prerequisite, we advise consulting with our guides regarding any concerns.

Weather Conditions: Be aware that heavy rainfall can elevate water levels within the canyon, which may necessitate alterations to the trip or, in some cases, cancellation for safety reasons.

Age Restrictions: Each activity has a minimum age limit to ensure safety. It is crucial that children fit into the provided equipment properly, including wetsuits, buoyancy aids, and harnesses. Minors must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

Substance Policy: The consumption of alcohol or drugs prior to the excursion is strongly discouraged. For the safety of all participants, the operator reserves the right to deny participation to anyone deemed a security risk.

Participant Responsibilities: It is imperative that participants are in good health and disclose any medical conditions to the operator. Participation while under the influence of impairing substances is strictly forbidden.

Camera Use: To ensure everyone’s safety, the use of hand-held cameras is not allowed during canyoning. Helmet or chest-mounted cameras, such as GoPros, may be permitted but are subject to specific terms and conditions.

Insurance Coverage: Rest assured, all participants are insured by the operator during the canyoning experience.

Reservations: Your booking signifies agreement to the general terms and conditions of the contract with the operator. For groups of seven or more, confirmation of numbers and payment is required at least seven days prior to the departure date.

Group Size Requirement: A minimum number of participants (typically 3) is required for the activity to proceed. If this number is not met, the activity may be cancelled, and a full refund will be issued.

IV. Payment & Cancellation

Full payment must be made in advance.

  • Cancellation outside 24 hours of departure: FULL refund.
  • Cancellation within 24 hours of departure: NO refund.
  • Day-of cancellation/no shows: NO refund.
  • Illness on the activity day requires a doctor’s note for a FULL refund.
  • Cancellation Before Activity: The operator may cancel due to weather, safety, or other factors, offering a refund or rescheduling.
  • Participant Discontinuation: Refund and additional costs are at the operator’s discretion if a participant leaves the activity prematurely.

V. Map of Dalat Canyoning Tour

Happy Travel!

Why Should You Choose Us?

2 reviews for Dalat Canyoning Waterfall Abseil Tour

  1. Katharina Z

    Magnificent way to experience Datanla Waterfalls
    We booked the canyoning tour very late (just the evening bevor) which was not a problem at all. Reservation and communication were fast and easy.
    The guides picked us up right in time and even organised a little breakfast for us on the way. Their English was extremely fluent so we could chitchat along the whole tour. Our group consisted of only three people with two guides and we were nearly first at the waterfalls!
    The canyoning infrastructure is excellent, with an extra area for practicing abseiling and jumping. We were handed wetsuits and aquatic shoes for a better grip at the rocks. All material was very well maintained and the guides were really skillful, so we felt very secure at all time.
    Along the trip we mainly did abseiling near, at or within waterfalls which was really cool. We often had the chance to repeat because our group was so small and we were ahead the larger groups. Occasionally, we walked along the river, climbed a little bit and floated along the river.
    At every stop there is also the possibility to skip and walk instead.
    After the last stop, we walked up the canyon and a car picked us up to bring us back to the starting point. There we could have a quick (refreshing) shower and change for lunch.
    We had an amazing tour and can absolutely recommend this company. Thanks again!

  2. juliatravel770

    Great canyoning experience
    My partner and I took part in the canyoning tour, which was simply amazing! It was well organized, with punctual pickup and never any waiting time.
    There were six people in our group, with 4 guides, which all were super competent and made us feel very safe and well taken care of, and also had a great sense of humor.
    The early start meant that our group was the first on the route, so we didn’t have to wait for other groups to finish before we could start. The canyoning itself was great, with different abseiling, zip lining and sliding obstacles.
    Afterwards we had a nice picnic lunch with the rest of the group and the guides.
    Would recommend this experience to everyone!

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