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Dalat easy rider to nha trang

Easy Rider Saigon To Hoi An Motorcycle Tour (10 Days)

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Embark on an unforgettable 10-day Easy Rider Saigon to Hoi Anmotorcycle tour, exploring the less-traveled roads along the picturesque coastline, venturing into the heart of the Central Highlands and the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail. Revel in the breathtaking scenery, navigate thrilling mountain twists, and immerse yourself in the unspoiled nature that unfolds with every turn.

easy rider dalat to nha trang
The trip of your life, just once is enough to understand Vietnam

This Easy Rider Tour from Saigonto Hoi An is designed to provide ample time for venturing off the beaten path, allowing you to discover untouched regions of Vietnam. Gain insights into the rich cultures of the country and enjoy the genuine hospitality of the locals. With remarkable experiences awaiting you at every corner, this tour assures an adventure of a lifetime.

easy rider tour saigon to hoi an
Riding an Elephant on Lak Lake

We offer various travel styles to cater to all preferences. You don’t require a motorbike license to join us. You can ride pillion with one of our professional, experienced, and licensed tour guides.

This choice provides a hassle-free experience, far from the traffic and road conditions in Vietnam.

easy rider tour ho chi minh trail
Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vietnam on two motorbike wheels

Simply sit back, relax, and savor the adventure Easy Rider Tour!

Choose the guided self-riding program if you don’t want to be ride pillion: HERE.

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Day 1: Saigon – Long Hai Beach (140 Km - 6 Hours Riding)

First day excited about the Easy Rider Saigon To Hoi An motorcycle tour,escape from Vietnam’s biggest and busiest city, we embark on a tranquil journey into the countryside. A scenic ferry ride across the Saigon River sets the stage for our adventure through picturesque landscapes adorned with rubber plantations. Pause to discover the art of latex extraction from the rubber trees and explore the remnants of the Minh Dam Army Base, witnessing traces of the historic conflict between the Americans and Vietnamese.

Marvel at the architectural beauty of the Thuong Chieu Monastery Pagoda, a captivating religious structure that demands attention. Relax in the soothing natural hot water springs of Binh Chau, and delve into the wonders of Buddhism with a visit to the historic vestige of Dinh Mountain.

Our final leg takes us to the serene Long Hai Beach, where we’ll conclude the day with an overnight stay amidst peaceful surroundings.

Begin your day with a picturesque coastal ride, making captivating stops for stunning photos at the historic Ke Ga Lighthouse, the oldest in Southeast Asia. Immerse yourself in the distinctive culture of local fishermen at Van Thuy Tu Temple, where they pay homage to an enormous whale skeleton.

Dive into the intriguing world of the Cham hill tribe by visiting the ancient Champa Towers. After a day of thrilling riding, unwind by cooling off in the refreshing waters of Mui Ne Beach. Finally, settle in for a comfortable overnight stay in the charming town of Mui Ne.

Start your morning with an early visit to Mui Ne’s captivating sights, such as the Fishing Village, Fairy Springs, Red Canyon, and White Sand Dunes. Along the way, pass through lush dragon fruit farms, perfect for sampling fresh, local produce.

As you continue your Vietnam motorcycle journey into the Central Highlands, stop by a K’ho ethnic minority village. Here, you’ll experience their unique culture and warm hospitality. End your adventurous day with a cozy overnight stay in the charming town of Bao Loc.

Departing from Bao Loc en route to Dalat, our journey unfolds with captivating visits to green tea farms, the cascading Pongour waterfall, mushroom farms, Elephant Waterfall, silkworm villages, and silk processing chains. Delve into the world of coffee at local plantations, witnessing the traditional coffee processing methods of the highlanders, and savor the renowned “Weasel Coffee” of Vietnam.

Continue along the winding mountain trail, capturing photos of the breathtaking Central Highlands vistas. Our route includes stops at vegetable and flower farms, providing insights into the farmers’ cultivation practices. Arriving in the picturesque mountain city of Dalat around 4 p.m., relish the refreshing escape from the heat in this cool mountain climate.

Dalat, with its culture and architecture strongly influenced by the French, offers a unique charm. Take the opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the beauty of this city, where exceptionally friendly people welcome you. Conclude your day with a delightful evening in the enchanting surroundings of Dalat.

Commence your day exploring Dalat’s highlights, including the unique Crazy House, vibrant Flower Market, and the historical Dalat Former Railway Station. Journey into the scenic countryside, heading towards the Central Highlands, where you’ll be captivated by breathtaking landscapes. Pause at a mountain pass restaurant to indulge in traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

Delve into the historical impact of the war in the Agent Orange area and trek through the jungle to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing nature of the Highlands. Gain insights into the chopstick-making process at a bamboo factory and observe the rice agriculture of the M’nong ethnic minority people in the expansive rice fields. For accommodation, choose between staying in a traditional Long House with the locals or a stunning hotel that overlooks the natural beauty of Lak Lake.

Start your day 6 of Easy Rider Tour from Ho Chi Minh to Hoi An by immersing yourself in the traditional culture and daily life of the M’nong hill tribe as you stroll through Jun Village. Optionally, you can choose to ride an elephant or boat to explore the opposite side of the picturesque Lak Lake, providing an opportunity to capture stunning shots of the sunrise or fishermen.

Continue your journey by riding through charming villages and trekking to the summit of Elephant Rock Mountain, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire village and embrace the beauty of nature. Along the way, make a stop at a brick factory to observe how the locals produce bricks using traditional methods.

Today’s journey takes us on the Ho Chi Minh trail, a logistical system that ran from North to South Vietnam during the war, providing manpower and material support to the North Vietnamese Army. Along the way, we will learn about the history of the trail and how the locals struggled during the Vietnam War before achieving independence over four decades ago.

Take time to stop and experience the daily life of farmers making rice papers and noodles for a living in small villages in the remote countryside. We will arrive in Chu Se, a small town on the Ho Chi Minh trail, around 5 pm, and check-in for an overnight stay.

Our Easy Rider Tour starts in Pleiku, where we explore the mesmerizing Sea Lake. This lake, a former volcanic crater that became extinct over a million years ago, captivates with its serene landscape—pine trees, winding roads, and terraced fields on the mountains—all embraced by refreshing cool air.

Continuing to Kon Tum, we delve into the local sights and culture. Historical landmarks like Kon Tum Prison and the Wooden Church await exploration. A visit to Vinh Son Orphanage provides a heartwarming opportunity to interact with charming kids, leaving a lasting impression.

Our motorcycle tour extends to Kon K’tu village, where we immerse ourselves in the unique culture and customs of the Ede hill tribe, discovering their traditional Rong House. After a day filled with captivating cultural experiences, we return to town around 5 pm and spend the night in Kon Tum.

Riding along the Ho Chi Minh Trail is an unforgettable adventure, offering breathtaking scenery and deep cultural insights. You’ll encounter ethnic minority groups like the Ch’ru, Bana, and Ede, who inhabit the eastern Truong Son Mountain ranges.

Key stops include the historic Phoenix Airport and Charlie Hill, where you can learn about the local struggles during the war. Your journey ends in the charming mountain town of Kham Duc, nestled along the trail, where you can spend the night and immerse yourself in the local culture.

The last day of Easy Rider Saigon to Hoi An. Commence your day in Kham Duc with a visit to the lively local market, where you can witness the vibrant trade and immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of this charming mountain town.

Once prepared, resume your journey on the motorcycle, continuing along the breathtaking Ho Chi Minh Trail. Following this, take a ferry across the Thu Bon River to reach the awe-inspiring My Son Holy Land. This ancient Cham religious site boasts unique and beautiful architecture that is certain to leave a lasting impression.

After exploring My Son Holy Land, ride onward to Hoi An, an ancient town steeped in history and charm. Arrive at your hotel around 4 pm and spend the remainder of the day exploring the town on foot. Hoi An showcases stunning architecture, delectable cuisine, and numerous cultural sites waiting to be discovered.

Enjoy your time in this picturesque town before retiring for the night.

At the end of the program Easy Rider from Saigon to Hoi An 10 days, hope you will understand and have more love for Vietnam through this trip of a lifetime for you.

Happy Travels!

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