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Dalat Easy Rider Tour to Nha Trang (2 Days)

Departure from:

From Dalat


All Year Round


2 Days 1 Nights

Max people:


Private tour


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Join the thrilling and exciting journey with at Dalat Easy Rider Tour, you will experience wonderful things that you don’t always have the opportunity to see.

Dalat easy rider tour
Experience boating across the river at Lake Lake

With the 2-day Dalat motorbike tour to Nha Trang, you will enjoy the wonderful scenery of the mountains and forests and ethnic minority villages. You will also have the opportunity to participate in the daily activities of local people, such as gardening and enjoying rustic dishes. This helps you better understand their way of life and create memorable experiences.

The scenery of the trip is a winding mountain road

Not only stopping at enjoying the cuisine and experiencing the lives of local people, the Dalat motorbike touralso gives you the opportunity to see majestic waterfalls immersed in the wonderful beauty of the West. Original.

What’s special is that the Dalat easy rider trip also has a reverse schedule to fit your schedule.

Get ready to explore and experience interesting things on the easy rider Dalat journey!

Map of Dalat Easy Rider Tour to Nha Trang (2 Days)

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The first day of the Dalat to Nha Trangwill bring you many emotions. Our professional tour guide will pick you up at your hotel in Dalat and will give you complete information about this city of flowers.

Then we will explore famous spots such as: Weasel coffee, Silk Factory, Elenphant Waterfall, Cricket farm…

Along the way, we will stop at a restaurant located on this hilly road to enjoy the rich flavors of traditional Vietnamese cuisine.

We will pass through dense forests, see beautiful valley landscapes and our next stop is Lak Lake, Central Highlands Vietnam.

On the way there, we will travel through idyllic country roads, admire rice fields and interact with friendly locals.

The wonderful sunset moment behind the villages in the distance is also a special thing on a Dalat to Nha Trang.

At the end of the day, we will arrive at the hotel located right on the shore of Lak Lake, where you will have time to relax and enjoy the peace of a wonderful night’s stay.

Day 2 of the Dalat easy rider tour takes us from Lak Lake to Nha Trang, covering 180 km on our trusty motorbike.

Early in the morning, after enjoying a delicious breakfast, we prepare to go to the beach on our motorbikes. On the way, the Dalat motorbike tour will stop to explore rubber plantations, cocoa farms and see how local people make rice paper – a typical culinary product.

Starting the trip on the famous Phoenix Pass, we will be amazed by the wonderful beauty of the landscape, with each turn a vivid picture.

Next, we visit the village of the K’ho ethnic group, understanding their culture and lifestyle. The people here are very enthusiastic and welcoming. You will definitely have interesting interactions. .

Along the majestic coastline to Nha Trang. We will pass through fishing villages and interact with people, as well as enjoy wonderful views of the bustling fishing port. (A fishing village is a place where fishermen and other fishing boats dock to exchange and buy and sell seafood)

Finally, before sunset, we arrive at your resting place, ending the 2-day journey with a Dalat easy rider tour, an unforgettable journey at Dalat motorbike trip.

Start your journey, immerse yourself in the feeling of freedom on the trails, see the wild beauty and challenge yourself with majestic routes. Register now to experience the wonders that an easy rider Dalat trip brings, to explore and immerse yourself in the beauty of Vietnam in a special way.

You can consider a longer trip from Dalat to Hoi An of 5 days if you have more time.

Happy Travels!

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2 reviews for Dalat Easy Rider Tour to Nha Trang (2 Days)

  1. Lucie S

    We book a 2days tour from Dalat to Nha Trang (75$/day/person) and we really enjoyed it.
    Our riders (Marley and Bu) were good guides and great companions. They made sure that we never drove for too long and during each of frequent stops showed us something interesting.
    The Home Stay we slept in was less interactive then we immagined.
    Definitely recommend the experience.

  2. Raul Garg

    We have no words to describe how amazing the tour with Leo and Kha was!! They are the absolute best.
    We took a two days tour from Dalat to Nha Trang and it was great.
    Leo and Kha are amazing guides, they are full of knowledge for both the enviornment and the culture of Vietnam, including the history of it. They took us to the most beautiful places. They know the road and know how to get to places that other people dont know about. To top it all – they were so much fun to hang out with, they are funny, patient and through the entire tour we felt their caring, consideration and kindness.
    We had an authentic, excellent and amazing experience and we are thankful for the time we had.
    It is hard to express these meaningful days in words, but if you read this review – do yourself a favour and dont miss out the once of a lifetime experience with Vietnam Two Wheels!

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