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Easy Rider Tour From Dalat To Hoi An (5 Days)

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Joining the Easy rider tour from Dalat to Hoi An in 5 days will be an unforgettable experience, an exciting adventure through winding roads. From the Central Highlands, where green forests and hills come to beautiful, dreamy roads. On the Vietnam motorcycle tour, you will discover the natural wonders and cuisine in Vietnam.

easy rider tours vietnam
Our tour guide is very professional and happy to welcome you tour guides are not only professional but also enthusiastic, willing to share knowledge and ensure your safety on the best easy rider Vietnam journey.
easy rider tours vietnam
Freedom to stop anywhere to explore

In particular, you are free to stop anywhere to explore and fully enjoy the beauty that Vietnam has to offer. And don’t forget, the Vietnam motorcycle tour also has a reverse schedule from Hoi An to Dalat, bringing a different experience to this journey.

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We will enjoy a delicious breakfast before starting the exciting easy rider tour in Dalat.

After that, wewill head to the countryside to better understand the way of life of local people, from how they grow crops such as vegetables, flowers, coffee to mushrooms on lush green farms. Experience the journey through the winding roads between the hills and mountains and don’t forget to enjoy traditional cuisine at a restaurant located on the top of the mountain.

During the Vietnam motorcycle tour, there will be indispensable time to relax with a walk through the tropical forests of the Central Highlands, and explore the rice agriculture of the M’nong ethnic people.

End the day of your energizing easy rider tour by checking in at a hotel across from Lak Lake, where you’ll enjoy a relaxing and peaceful night.

It’s a fresh morning and today, you will be immersed in the close and rustic life of the M’nong ethnic people, an exciting experience and close to their unique culture.

At Lak Lake, you will see them working in the fields or fishing on traditional wooden boats. A stroll through Jun Village will help you better understand their special traditional culture.

Accompanying your motorbike, the easy rider tour continues through beautiful small villages.

Stepping up to the top of Elephant Rock will open before your eyes a brilliant view of the village.

Don’t forget to discover traditional brick making at the local brick factory, where this craft has become an integral part of the land.

The next trip for easy rider Vietnam will lead you to Dray Sap waterfall through enchanting forest roads. This is where you will witness the magnificence of the giant waterfall and have the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing ambience of the nearby “Fairy Lake”.

At the end of today, you will rest in a unique wooden house, located on top of Draysap waterfall. A night full of grandeur and closeness to nature on the Easy rider tours.

Continue your trip to the best easy rider Vietnam. On this road, we will pass through mountainous villages, immersing ourselves in the daily life of ethnic minorities, who live and preserve unique cultures.

Along the way, you will witness the process of tapping Rubber trees and visit Vast fields of Rice, Cashews and black pepper, important crops that contribute to the country’s developing economy. Vietnam.

Our Easy rider tours will include: Tea Plantation and Traditional Blacksmithing. Here, you will admire the traditional work and crafts of the local people.

Your next stop will be the village and mausoleum of the Jrai tribe, where you will gain a better understanding of their unique cultural traditions and rich history.

Don’t forget to stop to enjoy delicious food along the way, the opportunity to experience and enjoy the typical flavors of local cuisine during the Vietnam motorcycle tours.

We’ll stop for delicious meals along the way, offering a chance to sample some of the delectable local cuisine.

On today’s, you will start with an exciting adventure, along a historical route, where the amazing scenery will leave you breathless.

Stop to enjoy and understand the rich and diverse culture of ethnic minorities such as Se Dang, Gie Trieng and Co Tu, communities living in the eastern region of the majestic Truong Son range.

Along the way, you’ll explore the Dak To – Tan Canh Battlefield, Phoenix Airport, and Charlie Hill, historic war sites where you’ll better understand the struggles the local people had to endure. experienced during the Vietnam War.

Upon arrival in the charming mountain town of Kham Duc, you will enter an intimate space where you can enjoy peaceful nights and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the locals.

Get ready to welcome the last day of your easy rider tour.

Let’s start the day. Visit the bustling market in Kham Duc – a very typical mountain town. This is your chance to witness the vibrant commercial life of local people, with bustling goods and trading activities.

Then, get on the motorbike again and continue this memorablejourney.

Crossing the Thu Bon River by ferry will take you to My Son Sanctuary. An impressive relic site that showcases the religious events and cultural architecture of the ancient Cham people.

Finally, arrive in the town of Hoi An – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and check in to your chosen hotel around 4pm. This is the last stop of our most amazing 5-day motorbike tourin Vietnam.

End of this best easy rider Vietnam trip full of unforgettable experiences and memories. Once again Vietnam Two Wheels thank you for choosing and accompanying us in recent days. Wish you have more interesting experiences when coming to Vietnam.

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2 reviews for Easy Rider Tour From Dalat To Hoi An (5 Days)

  1. Tommy

    Yesterday my girlfriend and I arrived in Hoi An after a 5 day trip starting in Dalat. With our guides Leo and Ken we had really a magnificent tour! We wouldn’t have missed it for a thing, since we saw what we came for: the ‘real’ Vietnam. Leo already does the touring for over 10 years and knows his places to stop very well. His English is excellent and has the answer to every question we had. We saw a lot, varying from a whole range of farms (coffee, silk, cocoa, passion fruit, pineapple, pepper, cashew nut, and much more) to the most wonderful scenery. Furthermore, Ken and Leo were not hesitant to look for new discovery’s or meet new people themselves, and so we ended up in very distinct villages or drinking beer with a minority family whose language even for Ken and Leo was hard to understand. Finally, the food was amazing. They picked a different kind of food for every meal, mainly depending on the local specialty of the town we were in.

    We would highly recommend to do a tour like this if you’re in Vietnam and want to see what the country is really about. If you have Leo and Ken included, you’re guaranteed a memory for life!

  2. Chauntel Setina

    I had the greatest travel experience motorbiking from Dalat to Hoi An with Kha this past week. He took me all through out the central highlands province’s showing me amazing scenery and beautiful rural villages. Meeting the indigenous people of the different areas and experiencing their way of life was incredible. Kha is very knowledgeable, kind and fun to be around. His English is fantastic and I learned so much.

    As a female solo traveler I was nervous but he made it a trip of a lifetime. If your thinking of booking with Kha you definitely should! I already can’t wait to come back and travel the north with him!

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