Long Tan Cross - Battlefield 1966
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Long Tan Cross - Battlefield 1966
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Saigon’s 3-Day Loop – From Long Tan Battlefield to Cu Chi Tunnels

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Throughout this 3-day self riding motorcycle tour loop itinerary, the highlight is Long Tan Battlefield & Cu Chi Tunnels. You’ll be accompanied by knowledgeable insights guides who will provide you with invaluable into the historical and cultural aspects of each location.

Experience connecting history by free motorbike
Experience connecting history by free motorbike

From moments of reflection at Long Tan Battlefield to the wonder of exploring the Cu Chi Tunnels. This self riding motorcycle tour offers a unique opportunity to engage with the rich history of Vietnam.

Long Tan Battlefield
Long Tan cross was erected in 1969

Join us for this unforgettable expedition that traverses time and brings the past to life

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Day 1: Ho Chi Minh City – Nui Dat Hill – Long Tan Cross, Long Phuoc Tunnel – Vung Tau (120 Km - 75 Miles)

Begin your journey by departing from your hotel at 8:00 AM. A quick stopover in Ba Ria is essential to obtain the necessary travel permits for upcoming destinations.

Your first destination is the former Task Force Nui Dat Base, where only the ruins of this once important camp remain. The columns of the main gate still stand but the former runway has transformed into a bustling street in the local village. Notably, the old helipad has developed into a football field and a school started by Australians is located nearby.

As we continue, our route takes us past the Horseshoe site. It is worth noting that access to this area is currently restricted due to ongoing mining activities. Our journey proceeds to the Impolite Rubber Plantation. An important stop on our route is the Long Tan Cross Memorial, erected by the Australians in August 1969 to honor the heroic battle of Long Tan.

Our adventure took us further to explore the Long Phuoc Tunnels. These tunnels, like others found in Vietnam, contain various facilities. Among them are meeting areas, first aid stations and fighting pits. This journey will help you gain a deeper understanding of the historical significance and wartime stories of these locations.

We continue to make our way to Vung Tau on the way we stop to visit Ba Ria Markets on the way. A large antenna is still visible on Radar Hill”. Overnight in Vung Tau City.

Starting early in the morning, your journey begins with the wind blowing through your hair as you depart from Vung Tau. The first leg of the trip will take you through scenic coastal roads where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the South China Sea. Along the way, stop to sunbathe on pristine sandy beaches or take a refreshing dip in turquoise waters.

As you explore the mainland, you’ll travel through winding roads that lead through picturesque villages and lush countryside. This trip gives you the opportunity to experience the local lifestyle and sample authentic Vietnamese cuisine at charming roadside eateries.

The highlight of your day is Dong Xoai, a town of historical significance due to its role in the Vietnam War. Visit historical sites and learn about the town’s rich history and culture. As you explore, you’ll meet friendly locals and witness daily life in rural Vietnam.

Throughout your journey, you’ll be surrounded by the area’s natural beauty, including lush forests, rolling hills, and peaceful rivers.

Rest and enjoy local dishes at Dong Xoai.

Your day begins in Dong Xoai, a town famous for its historical significance during the Vietnam War. Once on your motorbike, the journey will take you through picturesque landscapes. Charming villages and winding roads that offer a glimpse of rural Vietnamese life.

Expect to encounter lush forests, peaceful rivers and rolling hills when you arrive at your first major destination, the Cu Chi Tunnels. Here, you will explore the complex tunnel system that played an important role in the war. Explore hidden hatches, explore underground living spaces and learn about the history and importance of these tunnels.

Cu Chi Tunnels
Experience going down the tunnel and discover the life of soldiers in the past

Following your thrilling Cu Chi Tunnels, ride onward to vibrant Ho Chi Minh City. The calm countryside transforms into the lively Saigon as you near. Saigon’s dynamic streets, bustling markets, and unique culture invite exploration.

The day concludes in Ho Chi Minh City, where you can unwind and contemplate your journey through history, culture, and the dynamic Southern Vietnam, fostering a connection between past and present.

You may consider a longer trip self riding motorcycle tour to Hoi An if you have time.

Price of 3-Day From Long Tan Battlefield to Cu Chi Tunnels

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2 reviews for Saigon’s 3-Day Loop – From Long Tan Battlefield to Cu Chi Tunnels

  1. Kiarna M

    Do the tour when in Vung Tau, you won’t be disappointed. It is very informative and relaxed. Unfortunately the sites of interest are basically bush now, but you get the idea. The staff are usually Australian men with a Vietnamese lady to help assist, they both do a wonderful job – it is a very relaxed tour.

  2. Pam Wind

    Every Australian should experience a walk through the rubber and banana plantations of Long Tan to pay respect to our own soldiers who gave their lives in the hours of battle in Long Tan. There are tours but you can also speak to Bill Lamb at The Night Bar in Vung Tau. He was a Tunnel Rat back in 1970’s.

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