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Self Riding Motorcycle Tour – 6-Day Saigon Loop

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Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our Self Riding Motorcycle Tour Saigon Loop. Over the course of 6 exhilarating days, you’ll journey through the captivating landscapes of the Central Highlands and beyond. This self-guided tour offers a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of motorcycling while immersing yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Vietnam.
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Experience driving a motorbike on empty roads

Starting from Saigon, you’ll traverse scenic routes that unveil the breathtaking beauty of the countryside. As you ride through winding roads and lush valleys, you’ll encounter charming villages, majestic waterfalls, and verdant tea and coffee plantations. Our carefully crafted itinerary ensures that you’ll witness the essence of the Central Highlands. All while enjoying the freedom of exploring at your own pace.

elephant riding in lak lake
Elephant riding in Lak Lake

From exploring vibrant local markets to interacting with friendly ethnic minority communities. This tour provides an authentic glimpse into the daily lives of the locals. With a trip Vietnam motorcycle tour from Saigon, you will be as free as a bird flying at your own pace. Explore Cat Tien National Park, where Vietnamese people conserve and protect a variety of unique species.

trekking jungle
Trekking in the Cat Tien National Park

The highlight of the tour is the return journey to Saigon on the sixth day, completing the loop and providing a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Whether you’re an experienced rider seeking an adrenaline rush or a traveler eager to discover the heart of Vietnam. Our self riding motorcycle tour promises an unforgettable and enriching experience.

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Day 1: Saigon – Dong Xoai (140 Km/ 87 Miles - 6 Hours Riding)

Day 1 of the self riding motorcycle tour from Ho Chi Minh City to Dong Xoai is a profound journey that takes us deep into the pages of history and culture. Our adventure begins with an exploration of the legendary Cu Chi tunnels, an emblem of resilience and ingenuity during the tumultuous Vietnam War.

As we step into the labyrinthine tunnels where soldiers once lived and fought, history becomes tangible, and the stories of bravery and survival come alive before our eyes.

Our journey along the iconic Ho Chi Minh trail carries us towards Dong Xoai, punctuated by a captivating stop at a rice paper workshop. Here, we are afforded the privilege of witnessing the artistry of handcrafted Rice Paper, a culinary cornerstone of Vietnam.

Day 1 amalgamates the past, the present, and the sheer beauty of the landscape, etching an indelible mark in our memory. It’s a day that encapsulates the essence of our motorbike tour – a blend of history, cultural immersion.

Embark on an immersive odyssey through the beating heart of Vietnam’s agricultural landscape, where the secrets of its life-sustaining crops are unveiled. Our meticulously crafted itinerary takes us on a captivating journey to Cashew Nut, Tea, Rubber. Here, we’ll intimately explore the intricate art of nurturing and processing these essential crops, gaining insights into their vital role in the nation’s prosperity.

As we weave through the undulating terrain, we’ll be welcomed into the vibrant tapestry of the H’mong tribe. Their customs, traditions, and way of life will be our guideposts as we embrace the authenticity of their culture, all against the breathtaking backdrop of the mountains.

The pinnacle of the day unfurls at the magnificent Draysap Fall. A cascading masterpiece that stands as the tallest in the region. As you stand in awe of its natural grandeur, the option to immerse yourself in its refreshing embrace will invigorate your senses and leave an indelible mark on your memory. As twilight descends, we’ll retreat to our cozy hilltop bungalows, cocooning ourselves in comfort, ready for the serenity of a well-deserved slumber.

Awaken to the aroma of a sumptuous breakfast that sets the tone for another thrilling day ahead. As you mount your trusty motorbike, the journey unfolds amidst the backdrop of undulating rice fields, painting a picturesque scene that encapsulates the essence of Vietnam’s rural charm. The destination? The spellbinding village of Ede, a realm where authenticity thrives.

Crossing the river on a ferry, you’ll find yourself immersed in the realm of the Tay tribe. Engaging with these tribal members is an invaluable chance to unlock the mysteries of their distinct way of life. A privilege that enriches your understanding of the cultural mosaic that shapes Vietnam.

But the morning holds more wonders. As you stand witness, ethnic minorities adeptly guide majestic elephants from the heart of the forest, an age-old tradition that unveils before your eyes. This spectacle is a testament to the enduring thread of history that binds these communities.

As the day unfolds, the ride leads to the embrace of the Jun villages. Cocooned by the captivating Lak Lake and home to the M’nong people, one of Vietnam’s revered mountain tribes. Here, an extraordinary opportunity awaits. You’ll be welcomed into the fold of a local M’nong family, invited to partake in the time-honored tradition of fishing on the tranquil lake. This intimate experience allows you to immerse yourself in the tapestry of their culture, forging a connection that transcends mere observation.

Day 3 of self riding motorcycle tour Saigon loop epitomizes the harmony between Vietnam’s breathtaking natural landscapes and the vibrant narratives of its local inhabitants. It’s a chapter that weaves memories destined to linger far beyond the final miles of the journey.

As the sun rises on the fourth day of this remarkable journey, you’re greeted by the vibrant tapestry of the Krong No Highland market. Here, the heartbeat of local life resonates through the air, immersing you in a sensory symphony of colors, sounds, and aromas. This bustling hub offers a firsthand glimpse into the vivacious rhythm of daily existence in these highlands.

But nature’s splendor beckons, and the next chapter of your expedition unveils the awe-inspiring Elephant or Pongour Waterfall. Its majestic cascade stands as a testament to the raw power of the Earth, a marvel that leaves an indelible impression upon all who behold it.

As the journey continues along winding mountain roads, each curve reveals new wonders to explore. A Silk factory awaits, where the delicate art of silk production is unveiled before your eyes. The journey then leads to a Flower farm, where vibrant blooms dance in harmony with the surrounding landscape, their beauty a reflection of the fertile earth.

And then, a Coffee plantation welcomes you with the intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted beans. Here, you’ll encounter the renowned “Weasel Coffee.” A unique brew celebrated for its distinctive production process that elevates the coffee experience to new heights.

As the day’s light begins to wane, you’ll find yourself on the cusp of the journey’s end, a bittersweet moment as you arrive in the charming embrace of Dalat. This day, a symphony of vibrant culture, natural marvels, and unforgettable experiences, marks the transition into the final stretch of your adventure.

⇒ Start your day by waking up to the crisp morning air, anticipating an exhilarating adventure with your experienced tour guide and driver who will pick you up at your hotel.

Begin your motorbike tour in Vietnam with a visit to the majestic Pongour Waterfall, a picturesque destination that exudes both grandeur and poetic beauty. Delve into the enchanting world of coffee production, uncovering the secrets behind its cultivation.

⇒ Embark on a wild adventure in the afternoon, including an exciting river crossing over the Dong Nai River to Cat Tien National Park—an untouched paradise. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty, observing the diverse flora and fauna.

dong nai river
Dong Nai River & Cat Tien National Park

⇒ Experience the mysterious ambiance of the night as we return to the heart of the National Park for a delightful dinner, preparing for the next leg of our journey.

At 7:00 p.m., join us on a thrilling jeep ride for a night safari through the Ta Lai buffer zone—a mystical forest. Each step is shrouded in suspense, offering the possibility of encountering wild creatures and adding an extra layer of excitement to the trip.

Rest assured, Vietnamtwowheels prioritizes your safety. Moreover, our knowledgeable guides will share captivating stories about the nocturnal residents of Cat Tien National Park.

After a day full of adventure, retreat to the comfort of the Bungalow rooms nestled in the heart of the wilderness. Allow the soothing sounds of nature to serenade you to sleep.

On the concluding day of our Vietnam motorcycle tour, we kick off at Crocodile Lake. Riding in the jeep, we venture deeper into the park, deviating from the main road for a 10 km hike through the ancient forest.
Upon reaching the lakeside viewing tower, take a break to unwind and bask in the natural beauty. Observe diverse bird species like Gaur, Green Peacock, Field Jacana, and many more. Afterwards, we’ll return to the center, gearing up for the upcoming motorbike tour to Saigon.
The tour wraps up around 5 pm, culminating in Ho Chi Minh City. The self riding motorcycle tour concludes, leaving indelible memories of Vietnam.
I trust this expedition has etched numerous unforgettable memories for you. Looking forward to welcoming you again in the near future for your next adventure. Safe travels!

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2 reviews for Self Riding Motorcycle Tour – 6-Day Saigon Loop

  1. Paul Henshaw

    Now, I’m not one to beat around the bush. I’ve had gut troubles for yonks, which made me a bit wary before taking on this tour. But let me tell ya, Du had my back from day one. Need a dunny break in the middle of nowhere? No sweat, Du sorted me out quicker than you can say “fair dinkum”. He even went the extra mile to grab me some meds when my stomach was playing up.

    And talk about being on the ball! Du was like a bloomin’ mind reader, anticipating our needs before we even knew ’em. Need space in the luggage for some souvenirs? Done. Craving some local nosh? Du had us covered, mate, hooking us up with the best tea, coffee, nuts, and fruit along the way.

    But it wasn’t just the logistics. Du’s riding skills were top-notch, making sure we were always in tow with his slick hand signals, feeling as safe as houses the whole time.

    And the food? Mate, Du was a culinary wizard, making sure we got a taste of the real Vietnam. From pho to banh mi, we sampled the lot.

    But here’s the kicker – Du didn’t just stick to the script. He knew all the primo spots for snaps and views, ensuring we got the perfect shot every time. I reckon I’ve got enough pics to fill a bloomin’ album!

    But it didn’t stop there. Even after the tour wrapped up, Du made sure we made it back to HCMC safe as houses. He sorted us out with sleeper bus tickets and even wrote us a note for the driver – talk about going above and beyond!

    And it wasn’t just about the sights and sounds. We had some fair dinkum heart-to-hearts with Du, learning all about Vietnamese life and his own experiences during COVID-19. By the end of it all, saying goodbye to Du felt more like bidding farewell to a mate than a tour guide.

    Fair dinkum, this trip with Du was a game-changer. Hands down the best travel experience I’ve ever had.

  2. Maaike And Theo

    Mate, let me give ya the goss about this ripper trip we scored over in Vietnam. Fair dinkum, it was an absolute corker!

    So, us Aussie cobbers booked this gig, right? And I gotta tell ya, it fair dinkum blew our socks off. The tour guides were top blokes, knew their stuff inside out. And the motorbikes they set us up with? Fair dinkum beauties, mate. Smooth as silk on the open road.

    But here’s the real kicker – the routes they picked out were bloody legends! We got the full lowdown on Southern Vietnam, all thanks to our savvy tour guide. He was a real top bloke, I tell ya. Friendly as they come, and he knew his stuff about Vietnamese traffic laws like the back of his hand.

    And get this – the trip’s all-inclusive. No hidden costs, no worries. Fair dinkum, they’ve got ya covered from start to finish.

    So, fair dinkum, if you’re keen to soak up all the wonders of Vietnam without a hitch, I reckon this trip’s the go. Can’t recommend it highly enough, mate.


    Maaike And Theo

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