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Guided Motorcycle Tour From Saigon 7 Days Loop Adventure

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Gear up for a 7-day Guided Motorcycle Tour from SaigonLoop Adventure, igniting in the lively streets of Saigon. This unique motorcycle expedition promises an adrenaline-fueled ride through Vietnam’s diverse landscapes.

Guided Motorcycle Tour From Saigon
Experience off-roud through the farms of local people

Conquer coastal roads, navigate mountain passes, and delve into vibrant local culture. Brace yourself for charming villages, bustling markets, and a cascade of thrilling experiences. Each day unfolds a new panorama, etching enduring memories on this unparalleled adventure. Embrace the thrill of the ride and the beauty of Vietnam’s heart.

Motorbike tour Saigon
The trip is equipped with good motorbikes and professional guides

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Day 1: Saigon - Long Hai Beach (140 Km/ 87 Miles - 6 Hours Riding)

Say goodbye to the bustling chaos of Saigon as we embark on a scenic Vietnam motorbike adventure through the countryside. Cruise across the Saigon River via ferry, meandering along charming roads bordered by lush rubber plantations.

Take a moment to witness the timeless art of latex extraction from the rubber trees. Our journey unfolds towards Minh Dam Army Base, providing a glimpse into the intense pre-1975 conflict between American and Vietnamese forces.

Do not overlook the exquisite Thuong Chieu Monastery Pagoda, a showcase of intricate craftsmanship. Relax at the therapeutic Binh Chau hot springs before immersing yourself in the wonders of Buddhism at the historic Dinh Mountain.

As the day draws to a close, discover tranquility at Long Hai Beach, our serene sanctuary for the inaugural night of the 7-Day Guided Motorcycle Tour from Saigon.

Embark on a thrilling coastal odyssey, pausing at Ke Ga Lighthouse – the oldest in Southeast Asia. Immerse yourself in the captivating panorama.

On the way to Mui Ne, discover Van Thuy Tu Temple, where local fishermen venerate a colossal whale skeleton, revealing a unique cultural tapestry. Explore the ancient Champa Towers, offering insights into the traditions of the Cham hill tribe.

After a sun-drenched day, revitalize with an invigorating ocean dip at Mui Ne Beach. Bask in the enchanting charm of Mui Ne for a delightful evening.

Set out from Mui Ne at dawn to explore the area’s gems—Fishing Village, Fairy Springs, Red Canyon, and White Sand Dunes. Resume our journey on motorbikes through dragon fruit farms, with the option to savor and purchase fresh fruits.

Venturing into the enchanting Central Highlands, winding mountain roads lead to a pause at the K’ho ethnic minority village, unveiling their unique culture and wild lifestyle. The Guided Motorcycle Tour adventure continues to Dalat, encountering green tea farms, the mesmerizing Pongour waterfall, mushroom farms, Elephant Waterfall, Silkworm villages, and Silk processing chains.

Lush Coffee plantations showcase highlander techniques, including the renowned “Weasel Coffee.” Capture stunning Central Highlands views through winding trails. Our itinerary unfolds with Vegetable and Flower farms, providing insights into local cultivation.

By 4 pm, we reach charming Dalat, escaping the heat for a cool mountain climate. Infused with French influence, Dalat offers friendly locals, captivating culture, and architectural splendor. Embrace a remarkable night in this exquisite city.

Embark from Dalat, affectionately known as ‘Le Petite Paris,’ and journey through the captivating countryside towards the Central Highlands. Traverse the scenic terrain and pause at an enchanting mountain eatery, savoring authentic Vietnamese flavors.

Explore the history of the Agent Orange zone and trek through lush jungles, absorbing the region’s breathtaking natural beauty. Visit a chopstick atelier to witness intricate local bamboo craftsmanship and cruise through expansive rice fields, observing the rice farming practices of the M’nong ethnic minority.

As Lak Lake warmly welcomes you, choose between a traditional Long House homestay with locals or a charming lakeside hotel, marking the end of a day filled with exploration and immersion.

Savoring a delightful breakfast, we set off on our reliable motorbike, preparing for an exhilarating coastal escapade.

Immerse in the vibrant tapestry of M’nong culture as we bid farewell to the untamed allure of Lak Lake, heading towards the urban embrace of Buon Me Thuot. Our dedicated guide will unravel the intricacies of M’nong life, history, and sustenance in their realm. Capture the serene beauty of the second natural lake with a canoe voyage (subject to prevailing wind conditions).

Discover the artistry behind crafting rice paper and rice vermicelli, or explore the lively market to acquire fresh chicken and sandwiches for a delightful picnic lunch within the National Park (your choice between a picnic or a homemade lunch, row).

Continuing our journey, we reach a captivating waterfall, inviting us for a refreshing swim. As the day comes to a close, we find solace in Bungalows atop the Waterfall, serenaded only by the melodies of birdsong.

Today, prepare to uncover more layers of Vietnam’s history and agriculture as we venture into plantations of Cashew Nuts, Tea, Rubber, and Pepper.

Visit War Memorials to gain insights into the Vietnam War and its lasting impact on the region. Approaching the Cambodian border, witness stark reminders of the conflict that endure in the area.

After a day filled with exploration, rest for the night in Dong Xoai, a vibrant city providing a glimpse into modern Vietnamese life. Recharge and brace yourself for another day of adventure and discovery tomorrow.

Concluding our 7-day Guided Motorcycle Tour from Saigon Loop Adventure is a ride through the ever-changing landscape. We bid farewell to the captivating highlands and venture into lush Fruit Plantations. Here, witness the meticulous hand production of Rice Paper at a traditional workshop.

Our journey proceeds to the impressive Cu Chi tunnels, symbolizing the ingenious tactics employed by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War to outsmart American soldiers.

As our adventure draws to a close, we return to your Ho Chi Minh City accommodation. This provides the perfect moment to reflect on the multitude of unforgettable experiences gathered throughout this remarkable 7-day Guided Motorcycle Tour from Saigon Loop Adventure.

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