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Vietnam Adventure Motorcycle Riding from Saigon – Dalat (6 Days)

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The 6-day journey guided self-rider from Ho Chi Minh to the Mekong Delta to the Central Highlands and Dalat is an adventure through the culturally and naturally diverse lands of Vietnam.

Vietnam Adventure Motorbike Tours
Stop and say hello to the friendly kids in the highlands

Starting from Can Tho with its vibrant floating market, you will continue your Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding journey along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. This is not only about discovering the natural and cultural beauty of the Mekong Delta but also an opportunity to experience typical cuisine and unique riverside life.

Floated Market Cai Rang
Cai Rang Floated Market

Coming to the Central Highlands, you will immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Lak Lake. Besides, you will experience the culture of the Ede people. Conquer breathtaking passes along the way and enjoy the feeling of adventure with with wonderful views from the top of the pass.

Stop in the Lak Lake Village
Wild scene at Lak Lake

Finally, there is Dalat, the city of flowers famous for its cool air and charming scenery. Here, you will have the opportunity to relax, visit famous tourist attractions and enjoy typical regional cuisine.

The Motorbike tour in Vietnam journey not only takes you through wonderful destinations but also leaves deep impressions about the culture and natural beauty of Vietnam. This will be a memorable adventure, filled with unforgettable experiences.

Draysap Waterfall
Draysap waterfall in Buon Me Thuot

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ITINERARY Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding


The first day of the journey from Saigon to Can Tho will bring you a rich cultural experience and closeness to hometown life.

The journey starts from Cao Dai Temple, the Church is a combination of Eastern and Western architecture.

Next are winding roads, taking us into rolling rice fields and idyllic rural villages. Here, you will interact with local people to better understand their traditional lifestyle and occupations. This is also an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of traditional crafts.

When dawn falls, we will arrive in Can Tho, a vibrant city famous for its bustling floating market and delicious fresh seafood. Walking on the streets, you will enjoy the atmosphere here, feel the identity and friendliness of the people.

The first night in Can Tho promises to bring extremely special and culturally rich experiences of the river region.

Early in the morning, we explore the vibrant Cai Rang Floating Market. A place characterized by river culture with diverse and vibrant goods. Immerse yourself in a cruise on the Hau River at dawn, experiencing the serenity and authentic culture of the riverside community.

Returning to the hotel, the Vietnam motorcycle riding journey continues with exploring tropical fruit plantations. Experience the unique flavors of fresh fruits that captivate your taste buds.

The next journey takes us to the Honey Tea Factory, not to be missed Dong Tam snake farm and pottery villages, where you can visit cultural relics. Each stop offers unique experiences and memorable encounters.

When the sun sets, we will spend the night at a rustic house in Thoi Son village. This is an opportunity to get close to local people, enjoy traditional cuisine and share everyday stories. All of these experiences are just a small part of the memorable Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding adventure we are going through.

Continuing the Motorbike tour in Vietnam. We will explore the lives of local people along the trail and enjoy the ethnic cultures here.

This is followed by an exploration of a village that produces cakes and paper from coconut leaves. Where we will gain a better understanding of age-old traditional techniques. This will be a unique experience, allowing us to access the quintessential beauty of baking and coconut paper.

During the Vietnam motorcycle riding trip, we will head to the famous Cu Chi Tunnels, associated with famous military projects in Vietnam. In other words, this is where you can explore the network of underground passages and learn about the special history of Vietnam’s Anti-French War.

On the way, we will stop at the exquisite Vinh Trang Pagoda, famous for its most exquisite beauty in the Mekong Delta.

When sunset falls, we will check in at the hotel, enjoy the comfortable space, and prepare for the next experiences in this exciting Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding journey.

The fourth day of the Vietnam motorcycle riding trip. From Mango Field to Draysap Waterfall you will experience unprecedented feelings.

Travel the Ho Chi Minh Trail, a route with amazing scenery and stunning photo opportunities.

The Vietnam Motorcycle Tour journey will take us through rubber, pepper, and coffee plantations. Thereby you will better understand local agriculture and enjoy the unique flavors of fresh products.

Continuing on the winding roads through the forest, we will come to Dray Sap Waterfall, possessing pristine beauty, Dray Sap Waterfall is embraced by the green space of the mountains and forests, a combination of white water color. Clear, forest green color, the highlight is the majestic rocks.

Enjoy a relaxing swim at the nearby Tien Pool, which will help you relax after long days on your Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding trip.

We will spend the night at a traditional Long House, located deep in the forest. Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner and experience the unique flavor of rice cooked in bamboo tubes. This will be a great opportunity for you to interact with the locals for an unforgettable experience on this Vietnam motorcycle riding adventure.

Today, we will leave the charming Dray Sap Waterfall to experience something new and special.

First is a meaningful encounter with the traditional art of making rice paper and vermicelli, passed down through many generations by the local community.

Continuing our journey along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, we will pass through country roads enjoying the natural beauty and authentic lifestyle of the local people.

We will have a climb to the top of Elephant Rock Mountain. A pristine beauty associated with the majestic beauty of great nature. Moreover, it is also associated with the cultural identity and mysterious historical traces of this place.

The Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding journey will take us to Lak Lake, through vast rice fields.

When darkness begins to appear, we will stop at the mysterious village. Arriving at the hotel along Lak Lake, we will check in and enjoy an enjoyable dinner, filled with the mysterious and charming space of Lak Lake. This will be a special evening, for us to remember the memories we have spent together on this exciting Vietnam motorcycle riding journey.

The last day of the Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding journey will be a nostalgic but no less lively day when meeting fellow people in M’nong.

Start the day by enjoying a special breakfast and witnessing the cultivation of upland rice by the M’nong people.

Continuing our Motorbike tour in Vietnam, we will visit Jun Village to better understand the culture and daily lifestyle of this friendly community.

Then, on the motorbike we will explore simple but somewhat ancient houses on winding mountain roads.

We will rest and admire the beautiful valleys, captivating anyone, especially those who love photography.

Our Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding journey leads us to Elephant Falls. One of the three largest waterfalls in Dalat. Surrounding the waterfall is a broad-leaved primeval forest with wild birds and animals. On beautiful days, we will see seven rainbow colors hidden behind the extremely magical water.

This is followed by an exploration of the Silkworm Village and Factory to better understand the complex silk production process.

Not stopping there, we will ride a motorbike through the peaceful countryside, where we witness the simple life of hard working farmers.

Arriving in Dalat around 5:00 pm, you can choose to check in at the hotel or go to the airport to end your Vietnam adventure motorcycle riding journey.

Let these special experiences mark your memories and leave unforgettable impressions from your Motorbike tour in Vietnam.

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