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Vietnam Guided Motorbike Tour – Hoi An to Dalat 5 Days

Departure from:

Hoi An/Da Nang


All Year Round


5 Days 4 Nights

Max people:


Private tour


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You will experience an indescribable feeling on the Vietnam Guided Motorbike Tour journey from Hoi An to Dalat within 5 days that will give you a deeper look into rural Vietnam.

Vietnam Adventure Motorcycle Riding
Waiting for the boat to take you across the river at Buon Me Thuot

Vietnam Two Wheels will take you through famous roads, past the beautiful Truong Son Range. On the journey, we will introduce historical spots such as Phoenix Airport, Charlie Hill and Dak To – Tan Canh Battlefield, helping you better understand the Vietnam War period.

Immerse yourself in the authentic life of local people, learn about the culture of the Vietnamese people. The final destination of the trip will be Dalat – the charming “City of Flowers”. Here, you will be ecstatic about the special beauty of this place.

Stop in the Lak Lake Village
Wild scene at Lak Lake

You don’t require a motorbike license to join us, you can ride pillion with one of our professional, experienced, and licensed tour guides.

Read this program if you want to be ride pillion HERE.

This ride also runs in reverse for your convenience.

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Day 1: Hoi An - Kham Duc (150 Km/ 93 Miles - 5 Hours Riding)

Our Vietnam guided motorbike tour from Hoi An to Da Lat starts at 8:30am. Therefore, a professional tour guide will welcome you at your hotel in Hoi An – Da Nang.

On the way, you will admire the beautiful scenery of rural roads, with vast rice fields and ancient villages.

In addition, we will stop to better understand local life and visit traditional craft villages such as making incense, weaving baskets and making rice paper.

After that, we will go to My Son Sanctuary, where the ancient Cham tower is located. This is where you will learn about the people’s unique history and culture. In the afternoon, the journey continues along the trail and views of the lush forest.

At about 5 pm, we will arrive at Kham Duc. Here, you will check in to rest to regain energy to prepare for the next part of your Vietnam guided self-rider journey.

Day 2 of the Vietnam motorbike tour started with a source of positive energy. We will pass through tropical forests and majestic mountains, painting a scene that is both poetic and mysterious.

Get ready to soak in the mountain waterfall, bringing a comfortable feeling without worrying about the heat of the Eastern Truong Son region. As can be seen this experience promises to stay in your memory for a long time.

Our meticulously planned Vietnam motorbike tour offers more than just poetic scenery. Will lead you to historical relics such as: Charlie Hill, Phoenix Airport and Dak To – Tan Canh Battlefield. Each location offers insight into Vietnam’s history, an important period that strengthened the country.

As the sun sets, we will reach our shelter for the evening: Kon Tum. The city welcomes us with a wonderful dinner.

Today, on the Vietnam Guided Motorbike Tour from Hoi An to Dalat, we will pass through mountain villages and explore the vibrant life among ethnic minorities.

Your feeling will become thrilling when you see the lush green landscape with rubber trees, carefully tended rice fields and strongly growing cashew and pepper trees.

As shown above this journey is more than just a story; it was a memorable experience. Along the way, we visit Tea Plantations and Blacksmiths, where craft becomes an art form.

When you arrive at the Jrai Tribe, at this instant you will get to explore their village and Tombs. Here you will learn about their customs and absorb their profound traditions.

As night fell, we arrived at Buon Me Thuot, a tropical highland and the center of Vietnam’s coffee industry. Coming here, you will be able to rest in a comfortable hotel but no less close to nature, giving you a feeling of peace and comfort after long days of riding a motorbike.

Last day of Vietnam guided self-rider journey. The first place we will visit is Dray Sap Waterfall, extremely attractive with its roaring water and graceful sounds. This is not only a beautiful scene, but also a testament to the extraordinary power of nature.

A refreshing moment awaits, when you can soak in the cool water of the upstream.

Continuing our Vietnam Guided Motorbike Tour journey, we will visit a local village, where you will interact with the Ede tribe. This is your chance to better understand their life and their special cultural heritage.

Vietnam motorbike tour continues to take us to Lak Lake, considered the largest natural pearl of the Central Highlands. Here, peace occupies every space, as we leisurely walk around the lake on a boat.

When sunset falls, a special part of the Vietnam Guided Motorbike Tour itinerary will be resting at a local house near Lak Lake. This is your chance to enjoy dinner prepared by the host and enjoy beauty that cannot be found anywhere else.

Dawn spreads gentle light everywhere, a gentle symphony like on a Vietnam motorbike tour. Enjoying a cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast at M’Nong people, we are ready for a new, exciting day.

After parting words and promising the host for the next reunion, we will move to Dalat and explore the K’Ho ethnic minority village. In further villages, we will visit: Coffee gardens, Tea gardens, Mushroom and Vegetable farms. This will be a great opportunity to better understand the lives and occupations of local people.

Around 5 pm, we will arrive in Dalat and go to the location you registered before to stay, rest and learn about Dalat at night.

Price of Vietnam Guided Motorbike Tour

For your private group:

Number of Person122345
Default Price (USD)89916991299239029903400

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