Dalat cooking class & Center market trip
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Dalat Cooking Class and Central Market Tour

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I. Discover Dalat Cooking Class

Immerse in Authentic Vietnamese Cooking with our Dalat Cooking Class. Our cooking class offers a fantastic opportunity to delve into the world of traditional Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

Dalat Market Tour
Dalat Market, where your tour guide will take you to buy the necessary items for your class meals
Dalat Market Center
Experience going to Vietnamese traditional markets

Experience the vibrant tapestry of Vietnamese markets through sight, sound, aroma, and taste, gaining insights into the daily life that influences the rich and diverse landscape of Vietnamese culinary art.

Dalat Cooking Class
Share interesting things and learn how to make it

Our comprehensive course spans five hours and features a captivating Central Dalat Market trip, hands-on cooking, savoring the fruits of our labor, unwinding in our scenic garden, and delving into the intricacies of Vietnamese culture.

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II. Highlights of Home Cooking Class in Dalat

  • Cook at local home
  • Fresh market tour
  • Intro to Vietnam culture

III. Schedule Dalat Cooking Class

1. Morning Class

  • 8:30 am: Meet at the school
  • 9:00 am: Cooking class
  • 12:30 pm: Enjoy the meal
  • 1:00 pm: End of the class

2. Afternoon Class

  • 4:30 pm: Meet at the school
  • 5:00 pm: Cooking class
  • 9:00 pm: Enjoy the meal
  • 9:30 pm: End of the class

IV. What You’ll Cook

Dalat cooking class will prepare seasonal dishes. If you have a favorite dish, please write it down on the booking page.

Vegetarian options are also available.

Home Cooking Class in Dalat
The menu is rich, you can choose according to your preferences

♦ Starter (Choose One):

  1. Taste of Central Highlands with Fresh or Fried Spring Rolls
  2. Stuffed Shiitake Mushrooms
  3. Traditional Vietnamese Pumpkin Soup
  4. Banana Salad (with Chicken or Pork Ear)
  5. Vegetable and Crab Soup
  6. Stuffed Cabbage Soup
  7. Colorful Soup: Khoai Mỡ (a traditional Vietnamese dish)

♦ Main Dishes (Choose Two):

  1. Phở – Traditional Vietnamese Noodle Soup
    • Phở Bò: Beef Noodle Soup
    • Phở Gà: Chicken Noodle Soup
    • Phở Cá: Fish Noodle Soup
Noodle Soup "PHO"
“Pho Bo” – Beef noodle soup
  1. Bún Rêu Cua: Crab Noodle Soup
  2. Bún Thịt Nướng: Grilled Pork on Charcoal with Noodles
  3. Bún Rêu Chay: Vegetarian Noodle Soup
  4. Stir-Fried Chicken with Lemongrass and Chili
  5. Stir-Fried Abalone Mushroom with Lemongrass and Chili (Vegetarian)
  6. Stir-Fried Beef with Lemongrass and Chili
  7. Beef Wrapped with Guise Leaves
  8. Stuffed Tomato with Meat
  9. Stuffed Bell Peppers
  10. Tofu Wrapped with Guise Leaves (Vegetarian)
  11. Stuffed Mushrooms Cooked in Soy Sauce (Can be Vegetarian)
  12. Steam Fish with Coconut Sauce
  13. Chicken Curry
  14. Beef Curry
  15. Shrimp Curry
  16. Stuffed Tofu with Tomato Sauce (Can be Vegetarian)
  17. Fried Tofu with Tomato Sauce (Vegetarian)
  18. Stir-Fried Tofu with Lemongrass and Chili (Vegetarian)
  19. Vegetarian Curry
  20. Caramelized Tofu and Mushroom
Bon appetit
Bon appetit

V. What’s Included:

  • Small class size (2-8 people)
  • Local market visit including buying fresh ingredients
  • Hands-on participation
  • Meals and drinks
  • Class fee: 45 Usd per person

VI. Exclusions

♦ Pick-up and return from/to your hotel

Enjoy your Dalat Cooking Class!

Why Should You Choose Us?

3 reviews for Dalat Cooking Class and Central Market Tour

  1. Hannah T.

    Authentic Vietnamese Food
    My partner and I did a cooking class in Hoi An and we thought it would be similar. This was very different experience and we absolutely loved it. It’s not everyday that you get to go to the markets with a mother of 2 to buy all the Fresh ingredients at the markets and cook three delicious dishes in her family home. She is super friendly, kind and would recommended this for anyone who wants the home cooking experience.

  2. Sunkyung L.

    Best Experience in Dalat!
    I like enjoying cooking classes when I travel. This class was the best of my cooking class experiences. I realized why this class is called ‘Life in Laugh’. I wanna say thank you to my teacher, Son. I called her ‘mother-in-law’ during the class. Xin Cam On!
    I uploaded my vlog on my YouTube channel. I strongly recommend it. //youtu.be/_4d9DPYBTeQ?feature=shared

  3. Tiffany J.

    I truly enjoyed whole things about this cooking class. From shopping at the local market to being introduced to local cuisine with the host’s original recipe, everything was impeccable. Also, the place for cooking was a really cute patio with lots of mint plants around and we actually grabbed those and put them into our dishes right away. Our host Son was a great tour guide as well as a good cook. What we had made was super delicious and we also had a great conversation during dinner. I highly recommend this if you really want to experience the essence of Dalat traveling!

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