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Saigon Motorbike Tour to Dalat (4 Days)

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All Year Round


4 Days 3 Nights

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Private tour


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One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of Vietnamis Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat. This 4-day adventure takes you on a journey through the Central Highlands of Vietnam, where you can explore picturesque forests, awe-inspiring waterfalls, and breathtaking mountain vistas.

Motorbike tour Saigon to Dalat
The trip is equipped with good motorbikes and professional guides

The Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat an adventure of a lifetime and make your trip to Vietnam truly unforgettable.

Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat
Experience on every road

This tour also runs in reverse for your convenience.

Map of Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat

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Day 1: Saigon – Dong Xoai (140 Km - 6 Hours Riding)

Day 1 of the motorbike tour from Saigon to Dong Xoai is full of historical and cultural significance.

We start the day by visiting the Cu Chi tunnels, where we can witness how the Vietcong used their underground network to outsmart the American soldiers during the Vietnam War.

It’s a truly eye-opening experience to see how the soldiers lived and fought in the tunnels.

After the tunnels, we ride along the Ho Chi Minh trail towards Dong Xoai. Along the way, we stop at a workshop where rice paper is made by hand, allowing us to learn about the traditional way of making this staple food in Vietnam.

This is an opportunity to experience the local way of life and see how the Vietnamese people preserve their culture and traditions.

Overall, Day 1 is an immersive experience that combines history, culture, and stunning scenery, making it a highlight of the tour.

Day 2 of the Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat takes us on a journey of discovery into the agricultural heartland of Vietnam.

We will visit Cashew Nut, Tea, Rubber, and Pepper plantations and learn about the growing and processing of these important Crops.

The mountainous region of Vietnam is home to several local tribes, and we will have the opportunity to visit the H’mong tribe and learn about their unique culture and way of life.

As we reach the end of the day, we will marvel at the natural beauty of the Draysap Fall, the highest waterfall in the area.

Here, we will have the chance to take a refreshing dip in the cool waters before retiring for the night in one of the cozy bungalows at the top.

The tour will take you on a journey to discover the mountains of Vietnam, as you explore local life in the area.

Starting with a delicious breakfast, you’ll board your motorbike and drive through beautiful rice fields to the village of Ede. There you will cross the river by ferry and meet members of the Tay tribe to learn more about their way of life.

In the morning here you will witness firsthand the Elephants led by ethnic minorities from the forest.

Next, you’ll drive to the Jun villages surrounding picturesque Lak Lake. Inhabited by the M’nong people, one of Vietnam’s many mountain tribes.

Here, you will have a unique opportunity to go fishing with a local M’nong family on the lake. Getting to know their culture and traditions better.

Overall, day 3 offers an unforgettable experience of Vietnam’s stunning natural beauty and vibrant local community.

On the final day of the tour, we start by visiting the Krong No Highland market and the magnificent Elephant or Pongour Waterfall.

As we drive through the stunning mountain roads. We take a break to explore a Silk factory, a Flower farm, and a Coffee plantation where you can taste the famous “Weasel Coffee”.

With our adventure coming to a close. We arrive in Dalat and visit the Crazy House, one of Vietnam’s most unique architectural wonders. We return to our accommodations in Dalat.
Our Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat comes to an end here, leaving you with unforgettable memories of Vietnam.

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6 reviews for Saigon Motorbike Tour to Dalat (4 Days)

  1. Timothy – Germany

    Best way to see local life
    I was on trip with Thang (amazing handsome man), he showed me the other site offside the main tourism. Great food, locations – if you have personal wishes just let him know.

  2. John Beck

    Amazing 5 day HCMC to Dalat to MuiNe tour with Du!
    Absolutely amazing experience with Du.

    I personally am very hard to deal with because I have had stomach problems all my life and this is the biggest concern I have before going on this tour. Finding a toilet is never something you can consistently do in the countryside while in a foreign country. But Our tour guide Du made sure to find me a toilet whenever I needed one and he made sure not to rush me as well. Du even went above and beyond to buy me medicine.

    During the trip, Du is so experienced and well prepared he knows exactly what we needed before we asked him. For example, as soon as we bought something, he had already untied our luggage and was moving stuff around to make room for the newly purchased items.

    Du took care of us very well. We sometimes would ask Du where to buy this where to buy that, Du would make sure we stopped by a local shop to get them at a cheaper price. We got so much tea, coffee, nuts, and fruits along the way, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to get them good and cheap by ourselves.

    The riding experience is also very good, Du would make sure we were able to follow him easily with a lot of hand signals, he never once lost us. Making us feel extremely safe.

    In terms of food, Du also made sure to ask if there is anything we don’t eat, very experienced. We would also request to try different types of food and Du was able to accommodate that with ease. We were able to try so many Vietnamese foods with Du.

    Most importantly, Du was also able to stop at all the right spots for pictures and views. We never once thought “oh it would be nice if we could stop here and take a picture”, no that never happened. We stopped at all the spots with crazy views. I literally took 2000 pics on this tour.

    Du also went the extra mile to make sure we got back to HCMC safely for our flight home. Even tho the tour has finished, he helped us book the sleeper bus tickets and hand wrote a note for us to give the bus driver to make sure we weren’t lost. Because you know, communication in Vietnam can be difficult at times. And Du even thought of that. 10/10 would recommend.

    During the trip, we would ask Du personal questions to get to know Vietnameses’ way of life. Du would never be hesitant to tell us. Du even showed us pictures of his family, it was incredibly lovely. He also told us about his time during COVID-19. And that’s exactly why we said our goodbyes to Du, we felt very much like saying goodbye to a friend, instead of a tour guide.

    I have never had this feeling before, this is the best experience I have ever had while traveling on tour.

  3. Tess_Mink

    Wow! Amazing!
    Will definitely do it again! I did the 4 day Saigon to Dalat tour with Baron – I couldn’t be happier! I’d never been to Vietnam, I’m a fairly new rider, and my trip was a spur of the moment decision. Everything went perfectly, Baron talked with me about the type of riding I’d like to do and the sights I’d like to see and put together an amazing solo trip for me! He thought of everything and took every precaution to make sure that I had the time of my life.
    When I told people what I had planned they advised me that many of the tour companies in Vietnam were either scams, or unprofessional or even dangerous (including some of the bigger motorcycle tour guides). Motorbiketripvietnam and Baron are the best guide available, and I plan on going back next year for a longer trip.

  4. Anna

    I did the four days tour in a group with four participants and four guides. Best group ever! It was definitely the highlight of my entire trip. We saw the most breathtaking spots, ate the strangest and best food, became all friends and learned so much about this beautiful country from our amazing guides. The drove us absolutely safe to every place and took care of us all the time! This tour was so amazing, that I even regretted that I did it: Because when we had to say goodbye and even the days after it I was so unbelievable sad that its over.
    Thank you all guys, you are amazing!

  5. Mathieu DG

    My girlfriend and I had an amazing three day trip from Saigon to Dalat, together with Leo and Khoi. Those guys are amazing! We had some really nice stops from Saigon to Cat Tien national park. Afterwards we had a 2 night stop in the national park itself. Leo and Khoi took us on a walk trough the jungle upto the crocodile lake where we had lunch. The day after we continued our journey to Dalat. With again some nice stops. It’s so cool to travel with them, because they let you taste the real ‘local’ Vietnam. I would absolutely recommend Leo and Khoi. They are: Flexible, Funny, exceptional good drivers, well prepared and equipped and the best guides you can imagine! P.S.: If Khoi suggests you to taste the ‘tiny local fruit’ please be aware that this might be pepper! 😉

  6. Darwin

    I had read many reviews about the Easy Riders tour being the best part of their vacation. I had high hopes for our trip, and I can honestly say it was the best days of our vacation!
    We took a 4-day ride from Saigon to Dalat with Linh and Vien. We loved the boys! They were fun and took good care of us.
    But what we loved the most about the tour was that the stops we made were not orchestrated, it was authentic view of Vietnam – we made many random stops off the side of the street to see various plantations (passion fruit, cashew, cacao, black pepper, etc) and as well as livelihood (incent maker, drum maker, rice wine maker, coffee).

    After spending a few days in Saigon doing group tours with tons of tourists everywhere, it was so refreshing to see the “real” Vietnam with no foreigners in sight (for the most part).

    Easy Riders do tours all across the country – believe me, I wish I had skipped all the other expensive tours I had booked, and gone straight with Easy Riders. Don’t make the mistake I made. Book with Easy Riders to experience the best parts of Vietnam with great guides!

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